Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving parties!

Friday was another fairly busy day for us. Thursday was way busier, but we had two Thanksgiving parties to attend.
First up, Cheese Puff. His class had a Thanksgiving party. They sang three super cute little songs, and then had an actual Thanksgiving feast. My child? He ate the marshmallows, grapes, apple sauce and some corn. He refused the turkey, mashed potatoes, pudding, green beans and most of the turkey cupcake.

I don't think he ate the roll either. He looked cute in his little hat, though.
The father of an older kid at his school had this huge stuffed turkey. They brought it by for his class to see. I thought wild turkeys were small and mainly brown. This thing was colorful, and I'm sure in the turkey world it would have been considered a beauty.
Baby Plum's class had a powwow. He was the only kid in the whole gym who didn't have his headband on. His teacher said she noticed it once they got there. He's not a hat person. He looked to make sure Cheese Puff and I were there, but refused to wave. The little girl beside him did, though. I thanked her for waving at us, and she tried to tell Baby Plum he should wave at us.

Little Elvis was upset that he didn't get any special Thanksgiving events.
The boys all spent the night with Gram and Coachpa that evening. Coachpa uses a breathing machine, and Cheese Puff tried it out.
The next morning Gram took them to see Peanuts 3-D. She wasn't sure if they really liked it or not.

Thursday was the day of my big sale. We spent most of the morning setting up, and then had to go watch Baby Plum race in a "Turkey Trot" at his school. After school, we headed back to the sale. Little Elvis was able to help me sell, but I called my dad after 30 minutes to ask him to please come pick up my helpers. Cheese Puff and Baby Plum wanted to play chase, and Little Elvis got offended that people didn't buy everything he was offering. They had calmed down considerably by the time my parents got there. Baby Plum sold an owl pillow! He was so cute. My parents still took them, and I stayed. It was a long day, but I did pretty well. The turnout wasn't huge, but I more than made back my entry fee. And someone invited me to participate in a Valentine's Day sale. My hot chocolate was my biggest seller, followed by my headache pillows. I sold a few milk baths, and 4 owl pillows. I'm trying to sell the owl pillows and milk bath online. Along with a vintage folding chair that I fixed up. I'm terrible at selling, but Bob put them up on Facebook. Fingers crossed!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Completed projects!

I'm finally ready to debut some of the projects I completed before the play started. Yay! My pictures are blurry, though. Which is frustrating.

This summer, I decided to refinish a little end table I got at a local thrift store. It was super 80s dated. At first, I was going to do it to sell, but I decided to try it out in our living room, and am pretty happy with the new layout.
Cheese Puff can't let me take a picture without him front and center (and in pajamas.) I completely refinished the little green table, and redid the top on the sewing machine table.
It was that spotted 80s wood, with a broken raffia bottom, and a glass top. The wood wasn't a great quality, so I made a chalk paint with some of the leftover bathroom paint. Bob cut me a new hexagon for the broken raffia bottom, and I covered with some pretty wallpaper that Ann Wyse gave me. The lamp is one my mom had hanging out on the floor at their cabin. I bought it a new lampshade, and am pretty happy with it.
The homemade chalk paint had a very bumpy texture, so I had to go shabby chic with this table, which frustrated me.
But it still turned out pretty well. The fuzzy pictures don't do it justice.
We covered the sewing table with the same wallpaper. I think it looks cute.

Now, onto my other projects. I decided during the last week of play practice to enter into a craft fair. I really didn't have any stock, though. So I searched on pinterest for craft projects that would sell. And after discussion with Bob, I tried a few out. Two were busts, but I'm happy with the other items.
I made lots of stuffed owls with cute fabric scraps that my aunt has been storing at my grandmother's house. My grandmother and I are both fabric hoarders, so it was nice to use up those little scraps.
They turned out pretty cute. Most of them have coordinating, but not matching fronts and backs. I also made tissue pompoms, which the boys think are really cool. The chair the owls are sitting on is a cool folding chair from the 60s maybe? I picked it up about 2 weeks ago, and Bob helped me fix it up. There are also two little corkboards on the floor.
I still have some nursing capes, so I'm just going to put those back out and hope for the best.
These are jars of homemade lavender oatmeal milk bath. They smell amazing, and I tried with the packaging. I've also made little fabric bags to put them in once they are sold. Just to help cushion them if they sell. I've also got just a few pain pillows left. I made about 4 more with cuter fabric. Fingers crossed.
These are homemade hot chocolate mix.

It's a pretty good mix, and I hope plenty of stock. The booth doesn't come with a table, so I tried to do a set up in our sunroom. It fits within the parameters. I can't carry a big table by myself, and Bob is working that night, so I decided to use our tray tables and other items to hold the products. The boys love our shop. My plan was to have the boys help me sell my wares, and I would pay them if we did well. Well, Little Elvis is going to have a football thing that evening, because everything around here happens on Thursday evenings. I don't think Baby Plum and Cheese Puff can sell for me. Hopefully, everything will run smoothly, and I won't have to step out too much. They are cute, and they are willing. Cheese Puff can talk people up, and maybe Baby Plum can do the math? I'm sure it will work out. I tried one of these a couple of years ago, and sold nothing. I was so sad. I think I know the audience better this time, and I have lots more crafty items. Maybe it will work.

That Little Elvis

The boys were all in the local paper this morning. Cheese Puff had the biggest picture. Baby Plum got one with Bob, and we thought they had left Little Elvis out. But there was a small one of him working on a Lego sculpture. It worked. He was fine with it. As long as he gets in the paper, too.

He's funny. I got him an MSU hoodie at the last big children's consignment sale in the area. He's lost it. Who knows where it is? Does he care? Not exactly. Maybe it's at school. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's in the school with the 4 water bottles he's lost so far this year. Four. I'm ticked about this. But it's who he is.

Last week, after he went to bed, I was going through his homework folder. Actually, I was putting his homework in it for him, which I try not to do. I found a yellow letter stapled to a page. It said congratulations, your child won his class (or grade-level) spelling bee! Here are some words to go over for the school-wide competition in December. I went back to talk with him about it.

"Did you win a spelling bee?"
"Mmm... last Tuesday?"

He sometimes says it was a class competition, other times it was his whole grade. Either way, it would have been nice to know when it happened.
His grade at school put on a Veteran's Day performance the day before our big play debut. He was the one that said "Welcome, let's say the pledge." and then "Thanks for coming." He wasn't worried about his part.
The microphone wasn't working for him, and they had to wait while they got new batteries, but really, he didn't need batteries. He was plenty loud on his own.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

It's over! And I think it was a success!

The play is officially over! Yay! We ended up with a cast of 44 kids ages 3-7th grade for our production of "Disney's 101 Dalmatians Kids!" And the kids did a great job! They had 3 performances this weekend, and did a great job with all three.
Here are my three actors after the final performance. Our sets moms made us a backdrop for pictures. My Dalmatians took their ears off before the picture. The costumes were low-tech, which is my preference. We heard great feedback about them!
Here we are on opening night. There are their ears! Little Elvis played a human bad guy named Jasper. He had a tendency to put his back to the audience, but he's loud enough that you could hear him anyway. Baby Plum had one line, and said it loudly. Cheese Puff was just super-cute. He sang most of the time, and did a pretty good job getting to where he needed to be.

The numbers aren't in, but I think turnout was great! And, we got feedback from lots of people that it was the best they'd seen. Since I have no real experience, or knowledge, that was very nice to hear.

I was talking to a long-time board member afterward, and he asked if we had any angry parents or kids. We didn't. Not once. So, another sign of success. I didn't offend any parents. At least not enough for them to tell me. In fact, most parents seemed very happy, and told me their kids will be back for our Spring musical. I'm not directing. My hope is to just do costumes. I will do what is needed, though.

The star of the show had a rough personal time, but she was amazing, and came up to hug me afterwards. I'm so glad the play was a good experience for her! 

This was a true family affair. Bob helped out a lot. Several of the moms (that's mainly who help) were very impressed that he was so involved. He helped us put set pieces together, pull down dividers for intermissions, keep the kids under control, and even clean. They were jealous.

I'm so glad that the play went well.

Not that we have much time to rest. I decided to sign up for a local craft fair, and have had to make an inventory. I spent last Wednesday sewing stuffed owls. Tomorrow, I plan to make a milk bath mixture. And I need to put a small folding chair back together that I tried to spruce up. I may do a couple of more headache pillows. We will see. It's next Thursday. I should do a focus group on my planned items to sell.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bee bo! Bee bo!

Happy Halloween! A little late. The boys had a fun Halloween this year, and even wore a "theme" costume.

Last weekend, we cut Cheese Puff's pumpkin. He learned about jackolanterns in school, and was adamant that we make his pumpkin a jackolantern. He was also adamant that we make a pumpkin pie with the innards.
When asked about the face, he made one and told Bob that's what he wanted. Bob did a great job recreating it.
Don't you think? He loved it. My pie wasn't as good, but Cheese Puff and Bob managed to eat it.
Guess who wanted a minion pumpkin?
This boy. Little Elvis kind of worked on his, and then lost interest. I need to take a picture of his incomplete "bully-o-lantern." We even got him some maroon paint for his masterpiece.
Here the boys are in their minion costumes. In the latest movie there are three main minions. Kevin is the tallest. He has spiky hair and two eyes. Baby Plum says that Stuart is the middlest. He has hair that's kind of Alfalfa like, without the cowlick. Stuart has one eye. Bob is the smallest minion. He is bald, and has two eyes. Those were my parameters.
We went to a fall festival, but it was too hot to wear toboggans. The boys enjoyed getting their faces painted, though. Baby Plum wanted to be a black cat. Cheese Puff just wanted to use the colors red and orange. I think the girl did a good job using red and orange. Little Elvis sat down and requested a bull dog. The poor girl looked frightened. I told her he would be happy with a paw print.
It cooled off considerably by the weekend. So, the little hats were welcome for actual trick or treating. We used a head lamp for Baby Plum's eye. Bob just put a sticker over it. We turned it on towards the end of our trek, and it lit the way pretty nicely.
The boys really lucked out with the candy this year! People bought lots of the good stuff!
They had a good time, and seemed to enjoy their costumes. If anyone knew what a minion was, then they knew what the boys were. One of our neighbors thought they were bees and kept buzzing at them.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cheese Puff dancing to "Make 'Em Laugh" from "Singing in the Rain"

This summer we rented "Singing in the Rain." I thought the boys might like it, and I love Gene Kelly. Cheese Puff loved it! But not Gene Kelly. He loved Donald O'Connor.

We had the movie for two weeks, and every morning he wanted to play "Make 'Em Laugh" while he did his best to recreate Donald O'Connor's dance steps. I think he did a great job.

I was sad to return the movie. Oddly, he hasn't wanted to check it out again. I'm thinking he might get it for Christmas anyway.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Directing is a little harder than I thought it would be....

I've not been posting very regularly. I'm kind of wrapped up in this upcoming play. Since introducing Little Elvis to plays with our local children's theatre group, I've managed to work my way up from parent to costume person, to co-director, to director/president of the group. This isn't because of my extensive background in theatre, music or child management. No, this is because I'm just like Ado Annie from Oklahoma! (Bob's favorite musical) I'm just a girl who cain't say no to any group asking me for help.

So, yeah. I'm trying my best. There are 45 kids in this play! All three of my boys are in it, even though Cheese Puff is technically way too young -- he's supposed to be 5. My excuse is that I'm there, and he knows all the songs and dances anyway. And he's really cute. He's not so cute when he won't stop talking out in the audience, though. He's got a thing for older ladies, and has really charmed a 5th grade girl, and a 1st grade girl. The first grader even wore her pajamas to Thursday night's practice to be like him. So, he's a trend-setter and lady-killer.

Directing a play is way different than doing costumes, or bringing your kid to practice. There's so much to take care of, and I'm doing my best to keep up with it all. I tried to do lots of prep work, which helped us out for the most part. I say us, because my assistant director is a total rock star. She's been great, and I couldn't have done this without her. She was in band in high school, and is much more musical than I am. That helps a lot with the musical numbers. We also have two board members who have been involved for decades that are really helping us out.

For the most part, our parents have been great. Which helps. We have several moms (and Bob) working on sets, which are almost done and super-cute. We have several moms working on costumes, and they are done! They are low-key (my preference for kids' costumes) and very cute.

We have an amazing mom on fundraising who has done stuff I didn't know we could do, and I'm struggling to keep up with her great ideas. It never occurred to me to ask for sponsors for shows. There's a reason I'm not a fund-raiser.

We have super-crafty moms who are making cute kiddy bags that we can sell to the actor's parents. They also want to paint faces before the plays.

We have a lot going for us, but I'm still over-whelmed. I know the parents that sit through practice (I've asked them to, to help manage the kids when they aren't on stage) must think I'm crazy and terrible. I'm doing my best, and I think it will work out, but I question myself on an hourly basis.

This is a nice big cast, with a LOT of new faces. I don't want to run these kids, or their parents, off with my bad job of directing.

I also fuss at poor Little Elvis a lot. He's got a decent part, and is doing pretty well with it. But he gets wild, and it makes things difficult for me. When the kids act up, I tend to blame him for showing them that it's ok not to obey me. He's been a little better, and he's doing a great job with his part.

Baby Plum's missed a lot recently for soccer. That's probably the thing that frustrates me the most. I haven't seen any of his soccer games this fall, and I won't get to because of practice. My dad takes him. He scored a goal last Thursday, and I missed it. I hate that. I stay home. I should be able to watch my baby score soccer goals. I'm glad my dad's able to go, though. Baby Plum has someone there cheering him on.

That's it. I will now get back to posting about cute little boys. Although it most likely won't be regular for a few more weeks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bike riding only child

While Gram and Coachpa took his brothers to a football game, Cheese Puff went on a bike ride with Mommy and Daddy. We tried out a relatively new trail about 30 minutes from our town. It's really pretty, and was a nice ride. He enjoyed himself.

See? He's holding his new minion toy that he spent some of his money on. It's a ball minion. He's happy, but he won't sleep with it. "It's not a sleeping toy!"

We also finally decided to get our countertops done. My plan in the spring of 2014 was to get new countertops. Then the tornado hit, and they were put on the backburner. It took us forever to order them, and we were glad to just have one boy with us. He did a pretty good job, considering we were sitting and waiting for a long time.