Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cat birthdays and toothbrush sleeping buddies

Bob and I celebrated our 12th anniversary on Sunday. When we had been married for six months we adopted Slappy. They said she might be six months old, so I decided her birthday was our anniversary. It's easy to remember. We don't celebrate it. But Baby Plum heard me mention it on Sunday, and insisted that we make her a birthday hat and sing "Happy Birthday."
Doesn't she look happy? He is, though.
Cheese Puff had his first real dentist appointment last week. He was so excited about his new toothbrush, that he pretended to nap with it for me.
I'm sure it was extra cuddly.
Baby Plum decided to play with costumes the other afternoon. Cheese Puff did too, although he wouldn't keep his costumes on. That's why the alien costume is thrown on the floor. It's sweet seeing another Buzz, though. Little Elvis didn't even raise an eyebrow at this. He is definitely over Buzz. Sniff.
I was chasing this baby to dress him. He always runs and says "Come get me, Mommy!"
Our kitchen is a mess. We don't have a pantry, so pantry items are strewn around. And the leg in the corner, that's Bob prepping to paint the kitchen. We had to lighten the dark blue, because the sunroom is making it darker. We went lots lighter, and it's making a huge difference. The picture though, is Little Elvis showing off an lego creation. He's also showing off his mad fashion skills. They love getting to dress themselves on the weekends.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My baby's officially a "big" boy!

Cheese Puff went to pre-school this morning!
He fussed about the red shirt I had picked out, so we settled on a white one. He fussed about his sneakers as well, so I put on his new pair of tennis shoes that are just a little too big. He didn't seem to mind. They gave him a lanyard to wear with his name and his class number on it. He fussed, but consented to wear it for his picture.
Big brothers also needed to get their pictures made. Baby Plum just looks older and bigger every day!
Little Elvis, too. He lost another tooth last week. He was excited (until the Tooth Fairy forgot to come by! Thankfully, his Tooth Fairy is a prankster. He found his dollar by his toothbrush.)
Back to Cheese Puff's big day! He tried to get Little Elvis to wear his lanyard. He did not like it. We're not only celebrating the first day of school around here. Cheese Puff finally decided to get into potty training! I may be jinxing us, but he's been doing so well. He's even been napping and sleeping overnight in his undies. Yay!!!
After dropping his two older brothers off at their separate schools, we got in line for Cheese Puff's school. They don't open their doors until 8. So, he got to get up front and sit with Mommy. See how happy he is? Being a big boy is great!
I think I'm excited about school....
Yes! I'm excited!!
I love this picture. When we finally got up to the front, he was fine getting out of the car, and went with the teacher very happily.
This is Cheese Puff on the way home from his first day. He's holding his new school bag. They write the names in different colors every year. Cheese Puff's name is written in orange, which is his current favorite color. He was very excited.

His teacher said he had a great day, and did very well.

When we got into the car he said, "I had bun at Baby Plum's cool, Mommy!" I told him it was his school now. "Ok. I had bun at my cool, Mommy!" He said he played and slid down the slide and didn't know anybody's names.

I am so proud of him! We won't discuss the absolute terrible mood he was in when I woke him up to go get Baby Plum.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Old McDonald's Farm teems with oddities

Cheese Puff likes a good night song. He doesn't necessarily want a lullaby, but he wants some music to send him off to sleep.

For the longest time, I could do "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "You are my sunshine." But here recently, he's wanted a different song every night. Sometimes, he wants hybrids. For two nights he loved "Twinkle Apple." Instead of a diamond in the sky, it was an apple.

He also likes "Fan." That's a song about fans. Specifically, its the word "fan" sung to the tune "Sweet Caroline." He hits me with these things at the last minute, so I'm acting on the fly. Bob knows songs about fans. I do not. I know the tune to "Sweet Caroline" though.

Bob stumbled upon a song that's been working for several days. "Old McDonald." Cheese Puff likes to choose the characters on this farm. His farm always has a 'man.' My man says "hello." Bob's man says "blah blah."

But that's not the only new creature on Cheese Puff's farm. He has bears, dinosaurs, The Incredibles, pacifiers, fans, Daddy, Mommy and Cheese Puff. But the man is his favorite. And it's not just man. He growls, "man!" when I stop to find out what is on the farm.

While delaying bedtime this evening -- Cheese Puff's preferred method of delay is using the potty -- Wally walked in. Cheese Puff found this hilarious. Wally kept walking in and out of the bathroom, so Cheese Puff came up with new locations for Wally to visit. The first time Wally left, Cheese Puff decided that he went to Gram and Coachpa's. The second time Wally left, Cheese Puff said he was going to church. In his world, men and pacifiers live on farms, and our cats like to go visiting in the evening.

Today, after another full day of school, Baby Plum told me about a friend that he already knew in the class. Well, he answered a question I asked about the friend. I asked if he saw his friend from the neighborhood. He said, "I saw her, but it wasn't the real her." I told her mother, and she said that her daughter just got glasses. She thinks the glasses confused him. His teacher said he was very outgoing and made a friend. He refused to talk too much about it to us. We got what the friend's name MIGHT be, and that was it.

One of Little Elvis' teachers this year is someone that was one of my good friends in high school. She had him in class for the first time today. She was very surprised by his vocabulary (I don't think in a bad way) and said he was sweet. I got the text as he was pitching a fit about the mess he and Baby Plum made while fighting over a snack. I made them clean up said mess, which was as bad as torture in his eyes. Then he ranted about how terrible homework is. "Who invented homework anyway?"

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

First pictures with new camera

 This is the first picture I took with our new camera once it arrived. I think it does really well. It should get more detail than our old one. Baby Plum got a hand-me-down soccer jersey from some friends with older boys. He LOVES it.
 Little Elvis participated in a Lego event last week. We went to cheer him on. They had lego cupcakes, and Cheese Puff shoved the entire chunk of candy lego into his mouth.
 I tried to get a good shot, but he closed his mouth just as I snapped.
 Little Elvis needed his picture taken.
 Baby Plum showing off the Lego cupcake.
Little Elvis with his lego creation. He made a gas station with a weigh station for semi trucks. It was smaller than the other kids his age. He wants to sign up for stuff, and not put any work into it. Just getting him to accomplish what he did was difficult enough. When he saw the big things other kids his age did, he got more motivated. He spent what was left of his birthday money on a bigger lego board and a new playkit. Do they not just sell random legos?

School is back in session!

School started back this week! Little Elvis is going all week. Baby Plum goes one day this week, and then starts full time next week. Little Elvis on his first day of school at the "big" school. His new school goes from second to fifth grade. I thought about this the other day, we'll be taking boys to this school for YEARS.
 Little Elvis wanted to pose near me. It's 7:15 in the morning, and I don't do make-up that early.
 Baby Plum on his first day of school. He went on Tuesday. He wanted to be goofy for his picture.
 Here he is with his backpack. He's so excited to finally get to use this backpack! He's got his shoes on the wrong feet. We've come to accept that this is just who he is. He wants to wear them on the wrong feet, even if he gets blisters on his toes.
 If Baby Plum gets his picture taken, then so does Little Elvis.
And so does Cheese Puff. He starts pre-school in two weeks, and seems excited. He's absolutely not shy, so I think he'll do alright. I've tried to warn them that he's the youngest of three boys, and kind of physical. They keep brushing me off, saying they've had other physical kids, and it's been fine.
Baby Plum with his two teachers. They both seem really nice. I hope he talks and comes out of his shell some. He told us his first day was good, but they made him throw away his animal crackers at the end of lunch, because he didn't finish them. They never did that with Little Elvis. Hopefully, he'll get to keep his leftovers from now on, so he can snack during the long wait to pick up Little Elvis.

(All of these pictures were taken with our new camera! Bob fixed the old one, too.)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jet-setting big boys

I've been quiet this week. Why? My two big boys haven't been here. And I did break our camera. But luckily, my mom took and sent lots of pictures of the big boys.

My parents took them to Florida. Baby Plum got to fly in a plane for the first time! And they went to Universal Studios and Sea World. They are on their way back right now.
On the ride up to the big city. They flew out of the big city. Baby Plum's a great car sleeper.
Little Elvis is not a napper. But he is a very excited about going to Florida. They left for the trip right after the debut of "The Bloody Pineapple."
These pictures are probably not in the right order. Here are my two big boys enjoying the pool at the hotel. They loved the hotel. They really loved the pool.
Baby Plum loves chocolate! That is a very happy little boy.
Baby Plum, the world's smartest giraffe.
Sweet brothers.
The boys enjoying Sea World.
Another Sea World picture.
Silly Baby Plum.
Little Elvis in line at Universal Studios. He was not a roller coaster fan. He apparently cried in the line, but went anyway. My dad said people had to think they were mean. I am very familiar with that feeling. Baby Plum LOVED the roller coasters. Kind of figured that he would.
The boys got to share a king size bed in their hotel room. It also had a TV. They aren't allowed to have a TV in their room, so this was a huge treat. They still aren't getting a TV in their room.
Anticipation on the way to the hotel room.
Posing with Woody the Woodpecker.
Little Elvis leading the crowd at a Sinbad thing. That's a happy boy right there. He loves nothing better than getting everyone's attention.

I'm glad they had fun. We missed them, though. Well, two of us did. Cheese Puff said he didn't. But last night, he had me sing Happy Birthday to Baby Plum. So, I think he missed them a little bit. He loved being the only for a while, though.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer blockbuster -- The Bloody Pineapple

Here's the latest Swanson family film project. Little Elvis wrote the screenplay -- his first foray into zombie filmmaking. Enjoy!
We had the world premiere event on Friday. Little Elvis' first-grade teacher attended, as did the film reviewer from the local paper. How cool is that?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buildings, cow costumes, stealing naps

I've been really bad about getting online for a little over a week I guess. Bob's been out of town, and some stuff has been happening with the house!
First, another creation by Little Elvis. This is some sort of gas station, complete with security camera and bathroom. All of his buildings have bathrooms. I think that's very practical of him.
The blue chair is one I painted for Baby Plum. Both of his brothers got dressers, but he didn't need one. I got this chair for free from church and let him pick the color. I was willing to do several, but he wanted it straight up blue. Easy enough.
Our contractor's crew started taking down our pantry, which is close to Cheese Puff's bedroom. Baby couldn't sleep in his room with all the noise, and ended up passing out on the couch. He sweats in his sleep, and this was possibly the worst place for him to fall asleep. Right before I took the picture, he had nuzzled his face into the corner, and stuck his bottom in the air. My dad repositioned him.
We also did Cow Appreciation Day last Friday. Since Bob was gone, we went by ourselves. Little Elvis made us signs like the stuffed cows wear, and I think he did a great job. Cheese Puff refused to wear his ears or go near the cow. Little Elvis didn't.
He also didn't mind posing with the cow cutout.
Baby Plum needed some assistance reaching the hole.
But he still wanted to show me how strong he is. Cheese Puff also wanted to, but my camera died. (Notice a haircut? Both of the older boys got buzz cuts last week. They look so much older now.)

The next day, Saturday, several workers with 8 Days of Hope showed up and put new shingles up on most of our roof. They were so nice, and worked in the typical Mississippi heat. I felt awful about how hot it was, but they did a great job. We are so thankful. Now, we're just waiting for the sunroom construction to start.

And we're happy that Bob gets back this afternoon. I will be thrilled to get some real sleep.