Sunday, February 07, 2016

Six-year-old pictures!

We're late. Baby Plum turned 6 in late September. But in my defense, we no longer have an affordable picture studio. I was about this late with his brothers' yearly pictures last year.

Anyway, once they get over 3, I try to let their yearly pictures reflect their likes. When Baby Plum was 4, he wore his rock star shirt and played his toy guitar. When he was 5, he wore his soccer uniform and posed with his practice soccer net.

The 6-year-old Baby Plum loves states. All of them. His current favorites are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Montana, and Pennsylvania. He likes Oklahoma because we drove through it this summer. He's pointing to it in his picture. He's wearing his Mississippi state shirt that "Santa" made. I think he likes Montana because it is the "Treasure State." Daddy's from Pennsylvania.

How much does this boy love states? He knows them all. He knows their capitols. He knows their nicknames. He knows their shapes. He knows their locations. He does not get this from his Mommy.

Baby Plum has a state song that he loves to sing with Daddy. He even likes to do the state capitol version. I tried to get video of him singing, but he's going to have to sing into a microphone to be heard. I will try again. It's very cute.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Cute poses

For Little Elvis' Science Fair last week, I suggested he wear his tie that I bought him. He relented when I suggested that the girls would think he looked cute.
This is his new pose. When he needs to pose for the camera by himself, this is what he's decided to do. If he's with his brothers, then he waves. He tried out for the actual community theatre "Mary Poppins" last night. This is one with adults, and you might not get in. They took head shots for casting purposes, and he did this pose. While wearing his Emmitt Smith jersey, because they needed to know that he likes football, too. 
What is Cheese Puff? A boxer! He came up with that on his own. Isn't it cute? We were playing with a maze thing that Baby Plum got for Christmas when Cheese Puff put the box on his head and called himself a boxer. I had to take a picture.
I believe this boy is showing off shoes that he "tied" himself. We're learning. It's taking a while, but he's really close.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Little Elvis' circuit work

Earlier, I had pictures of the younger two boys playing with circuits. Here is the oldest boy. He's not exactly playing. He's working on a science project.
He did a board about circuits.
Daddy helped him. Mommy did not. I have no clue what is going on.

But they did. He got second place! I took a picture of him this morning. I suggested he dress up some. I got him a tie at the last consignment sale. He agreed to wear the tie... for the girls. I took a picture, but it's not downloaded yet. He was very handsome. Not sure how the girls liked it.

Old person day

The boys got out of school early last Friday, but Baby Plum still got to enjoy "Dress Like an Old Person" Day.

We started out with our blue "Thing 1 or 2" wig.
But once he saw the picture, he cried. He didn't like how he looked. We are always talking about how Baby Plum has the prettiest hair. Possibly, I've made him vain about it.
Our second option was a wizard hat. I reasoned that Merlin and Dumbledore were old. We also pulled his pants up a little higher after we took the picture. He was much happier in the hat.

Glad he only had to wear it for half a day, because I think it's for a 4 year old, or smaller. It was super tight.

Playing with circuits

Baby Plum loves to play any type of game. Here he is playing with a circuit game from Grandpa Stew.
He's connecting circuits here.
A close-up.
Cheese Puff got in on the action as well.
Sweet boys.

Monday, January 25, 2016

What do you wear to get paint chips?

In our house, you randomly don your Cookie Monster costume that you haven't touched in months. I decided it would keep him somewhat warm.
Before we headed out, he needed to play with his marble thing. This was his big present from Santa, and it's been such a hit. It's amazing to me that all three boys can sit and do the same thing over and over and be happy with it.
What does Cookie Monster say? Apparently, "Roar!" Not only is Cheese Puff not versed in how Cookie Monster behaves, he also isn't a cookie fan. Thankfully he looks like me, because he didn't get that from me.
He did let me pull up the head when he got in the car seat, because he couldn't sit back, and get buckled in.

He's so fun. I am going to miss our mornings together next year. I really am. The other two are fun as well. But I'm trying to enjoy this time as much as I can

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Playing dress up

With three boys, I don't really get to play dress up with them. They don't really care about being cute. But I managed to get all three fairly dressed up last Sunday.  
Don't they look cute? Hate that my picture's kind of fuzzy. Little Elvis was being goofy, and trying to dance a bit. They were ready to get out of their fancy clothes. They had been very good for me, so I couldn't make them stay clean and cute too long.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sweet curl

Look at that sweet little curl! It was so pretty this morning that I had to snap a picture of it. We then put a toboggan on, and it was gone by the time the hat came off.

I'm not sure how much longer he will keep these curls. I want to enjoy them as much as I can.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Out of the fingers of Baby Plum

Towards the end of the summer I got a hand-me-down iPhone. I like it, and appreciate it very much. But there's one person in our family who loves it way more than I do: Baby Plum.

I don't have games on it, but it can text. This boy LOVES to text. He appointed himself my personal secretary shortly after I got it. It was great while I was driving. I would get texts, and he'd read them to me, and then type "Ok" or "Thank you."
Then, he decided to promote himself from middleman to bossman, and cut me out of the process all together. I would get texts asking questions. If he didn't know the answer, he would text "Ok" and "Thank you." If he did, then he would say "Yes." He rarely answered questions. I would only know if I checked my history, or I got a follow up text telling me that I didn't answer the question.

One friend started texting him smiley faces, which he really liked. Most people who text fairly often have come to expect odd responses from me/us.

Now that he's been texting for a few months, he's getting much more creative. He likes to respond to every text, even if it's an automatic thing from JoAnn Fabrics.

The problem now is that he spells like a 6-year-old. But he's representing me. He likes to respond to "Thank You" with "Your welcome." I always have to then respond to people so they know that my son did that, not me.

A couple of weeks ago, my mom texted me. I told him to tell her we were running errands. I looked at the message later. He wrote "Were running Aron's." Isn't that cute? She knew it was him. She and my father texted him a lot over Christmas break. He likes to get special messages.

Other cute things?

When he got back to school last week, he drew a picture of a frowning boy. It was him being lonely, because he had to play outside by himself. I don't remember him ever being outside by himself.

Friday was the real Elvis' birthday. We went to tour the birthplace. Once we got into the 2-room house, he looked around, and then looked sad. He asked, "Where is Elvis?" He thought we were really going to see Elvis.

This morning, he woke us up ready to play a game. At 6:30 on a Monday morning. Bob is the morning person, so he obliged. What else did he say while requesting a game? He told me that I didn't lay out any pants for him to wear to school. I did. He just didn't see them.