Thursday, May 21, 2015

The sunroom!

Finally! I've taken pictures of the sunroom! It's only been several months since it was completed!
This is the view from the pantry. We painted the walls yellow, and the concrete floor is green. We used the rug we used to have under our dining table. We made the roman shades with help from pinterest. We kept the outside brick walls the same.  The table and chairs are an outdoor set.
The artwork dotted around the room is by me, or one of the boys mostly.
Little Elvis does his homework at this table. He fusses, but it's not the table's fault. We hung up astronomy posters that Bob's predecessor had. I tried to decoupage a bunch of local maps on his homework table. It looks ok, but they are already peeling off.
And here's Bob's favorite section. He built the guitar/banjo/violin/ukulele holder. The keyboard holder is Cheese Puff's old changing table. Bob put in a special light for this area. It changes colors. He loves the sunroom, especially his music corner.
The cats are also HUGE fans of this room.
Bob also loves this Mississippi shaped wall clock that we won in a silent auction.

I know my pictures don't do it justice, but it turned out really well. We're very happy with it. Bob, especially, because he put in a ton of hard work.

We still have our work cut out for us this summer, but our focus will be more on the outside. Hopefully, the stuff we're doing will work, grow, etc.

MSU bathroom

We (ok, I) decided the duck bathroom was a little too young for our growing boys, so I wanted to update it. I asked the boys what "theme" they'd like, and Little Elvis yelled "Mississippi State!" Great. I had already decided to use some leftover green paint, and MSU is maroon and white. We did the best we could.
We only had to paint the top half of the room. And we made the roman shade with leftover material from the sunroom shades. I thought it matched well. I still needed to make it MSU, so I put my "artists" to work.
Little Elvis drew a bulldog. It's angry.
We did MSU with legos, and then printed it out in black and white, since the Lego board was green.
Baby Plum wrote MSU and then drew a paw print.

We still call it the duck bathroom, because the Mississippi State bathroom is a mouthful. Maybe the bulldog bathroom? Sometimes I say boys' bathroom, but they just look confused when I do that.

Give Little Elvis a "T"!

I showed pictures of Baby Plum and Cheese Puff's room first, but we finished Little Elvis' room before theirs. His was easier. My aunt gave us a gallon of golden yellow paint. I wanted to save money, so we came up with the idea of giving our big football fan a room dedicated to the local high school -- their colors are blue and gold.
The logo is a big tilted "T." So, we did it. He didn't have a headboard, but I think the T works nicely. He's also got a pillow made from one of my dad's t-shirts. My dad was the athletic director of the high school, so he had some swag we could use... the T flag we hung over the world map. Little Elvis loves that world map. He did the drawing of the tiger on the other side of the window.
He also did the drawing on that wall. I have no clue what it is... a tree? He decided to keep some of his street signs from his other room. And he had to keep the red dresser. I wasn't re-doing it.
Here's my proud boy showing off his room.
He also got to keep the blue chair. It fit better. The cornice boards in his room were made out of bamboo placemats. Sometimes I get a little overly crafty.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baby Plum and Cheese Puff's room

I finally decided to take some pictures of the hard work we've been putting in around the house. (I never took real photos of our sunroom, and it's been done for months!)

But I'll start with Baby Plum and Cheese Puff's bedroom.
We like bright, and they are fine with bright, so we painted two walls a bright blue to match Cheese Puff's comforter, and bright green to match Baby Plum's. I also love dots, so Bob made a stencil and we stenciled in hundreds of dots. It was a lot of work, but I think it's really cute.
Our main color inspiration was this really cute quilt someone sent us after the tornado. It's mainly stars, but we couldn't paint lots of stars on the wall. The colors are orange, various shades of blue and green.
This is the other blue wall. We left it plain, since it had the dresser and closet. We have their moon nightlight at the very top, and then we found a little spaceship thing that they could use to hang their artwork. They've loved picking out the pieces that we hang. The little chair is a storage chair that "santa" made for Cheese Puff.
Their fan was ugly. It was. So, now it's orange and light blue.
We made an orange polka-dotted cornice board. It's a little fuzzy, but it's super cute, and I'm proud of it. I'm not so proud of my picture taking, or my straightening skills. Those are cat ears on the floor.  The blue chair is one I painted for Baby Plum last year. He picked out the color.

Riding horses, modeling, singing and baking

Cheese Puff got the chance to ride a run old-timey horse at a local store last week. He enjoyed it. He was so cute. He also modeled some pajamas for them, of course.

He was a little shy, but it's amazing what 2 bags of fruit snacks can do for that boy.
 The boys also sang and danced at church.
 They did a great job. Baby Plum spent the whole song watching Cheese Puff. He's such a sweet older brother.
That afternoon, Baby Plum helped us bake cupcakes with the Pinkalicious cookbook we checked out at the library. I told him he wouldn't want a pink cookbook, but he swore that he did. Little Elvis fussed, but the cupcakes were delicious. We will save the recipe for his birthday cupcakes.

Awards day and his first 1 mile run!

 Last week, Little Elvis had awards day. He won 4 awards.
 He was very excited about it. He got one for science, reading, all As, and something else.
 That weekend, he also ran his first 1-miler! He loves running club, and was so excited.
 Here he is doing the warm-up dance.
 Here he is finishing his run. He did a great job! They didn't time it, but I think he did a great job.
 I'm fairly certain he ran the whole way.
Here he is relaxing after his run with an encyclopedia. He pulls them out and leaves them all over the house. One leads to another. The set is from the early 90s. He's so funny about it.

This morning, he said something about some sort of train he rode in the "big city." The style of train started with "M," as does the "big city." I asked him which one he was looking up, the train or the city. He kept saying he rode the train in the city, and then added that they went to an island that also starts with "M." We sounded like a weird version of "Who's on First?" I finally, just looked. He was reading about the city.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby Plum, our cute little one-eared bunny

Baby Plum's end of year performance was this morning. He was in a cute little musical. His class wore bunny ears and jumped for their part.
He's the only one with a flipped down ear.
He worked it, though. Isn't he cute?
He's so shy (or something, maybe not shy) that he wouldn't look at us for the longest.
But he was fine singing the songs with the other kids.
And attempted to hop, but his ears didn't really let him. He tried to jump and hold them at the same time.
He was so serious. So sweet. The music teacher sat in front of them, and he was very focused on her.
What a sweet, cute little bunny!

I say not shy, because two kids bawled when it was time for their class turn. He's fine performing as a group. He just doesn't like lots of individual attention in groups. He's the complete opposite of Little Elvis.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Preps

I didn't take pictures on Mother's Day, but I took some the week before of our preps for Mother's Day.
I had set out this little grapevine wreath to do something with, and Slappy decided it made the perfect nap spot. She loved it. I took it on Saturday, though. She's got to find a new little nest.
It fit her well, though. Don't you think?
My mom likes to remind the boys that she's number one, so we focused on that for her Mother's Day card.
The younger boys colored her brown paper wrapping paper. I loved that they used both hands.
I finally cut a good bit off of Cheese Puff's hair, it was like straw, and it looks so cute! I'm so happy with it. He loves to ask me if I think his hair is cute now. It's funny what he picks up on.

Anyway, it was a nice mother's day. I hope Gram liked what we got for her. I think she liked the card.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

That Baby Plum!

Baby Plum is certainly starting to come more into his own. In some ways it's great. He's funny. He's silly. He's still pretty easy going and willing to be helpful if needed.

He's also not an open book. He rarely tells us anything about school. He was the star student a couple of weeks ago. He told us on Thursday. Very nonchalantly.  We have no idea about what's going on with him at school, although he will talk about his friends. Especially to his brothers.

If you ask Cheese Puff who he played with at his school, he will name Baby Plum's friends.

So, he's quiet. But sweet. Shy. But friendly. He still sucks his thumb. We battle it. Some days, it seems on the wane. Other days, it's definitely not.

We love him. All his silly, goofy, stubborn sweetness.

Monday, May 04, 2015

End of year performance and muffins with mom

Now that we're getting close to the end of school, the boys have lots of events going on. Last Friday, Little Elvis went on a field trip to the "big city" and got to get on a river boat. He wasn't feeling well, but had a blast. I was a bad mom who did not chaperone. I will try to be better next year. His brothers also both had events. Cheese Puff's class had it's end of the year performance. And Baby Plum's class had Muffins for Moms.
Here's Cheese Puff singing and dancing in his performance. He's got on the bright blue shirt. He did a great job, and was so cute.
They didn't sing one song, just did the movements. It was to "Goin' on a Bear Hunt." I wish they'd sung more, since he's my child that will actually sing and dance at this point in his life. Little Elvis just stared really, and Baby Plum ducked his head into his shoulder as best he could.
I think they are singing about having a chicken in their hearts here.
Here's Baby Plum with two friends at Muffins for Moms. Look how happy. He's so shy compared to his brothers, but seems to have made good friends this year.
Another boy jumped into the picture.
Did he look happier posing with his friends? This child is not all that impressed by his mommy. Although, he made me a picture that said he loved me because I kissed him goodnight. Baby Plum also told Little Elvis that he was going to marry me when he grew up. So, maybe he doesn't think I'm all that bad.

So far, I don't know of any school-related events this week. But I'm probably wrong. We probably do have some. And they will probably all be at the same time. That's something I never thought about until we had three kids.