Friday, October 17, 2014

The end of the nap era?

This is becoming a more common occurrence in our house. Cheese Puff really needs an afternoon nap, but he's not exactly taking one. It all started when he realized he could climb out of his crib.

He was pretty good about staying in at night, but during the day, he preferred to scale the sides as soon as the door was shut and run down the hall fist pumping, yelling, "I did it!"

We moved him to a big boy bed two weeks ago. He LOVES it! And has only fallen out of it twice. (We pile several pillows on the floor each night.)

But I'm not even attempting a nap in that bed. He does such a good time with it at bedtime that I don't want to risk it.

I'm trying to move us to an afternoon nap while picking up his brothers, but some days he just doesn't make it. I believe this was after a big morning in pre-school. He requested applesauce, and in the time it took me to pour him a bowl, he passed out on the couch.

Today, he passed out 5 minutes before we left. I went to put up some folded clothes, and found him zonked out on the couch, clutching a car. Lucky for me, he is pretty good at sleeping through a move from the couch to the carseat. He slept right until we pulled back in the driveway, and woke up fairly refreshed.

Speaking of the carseat, here's our youngest (and most rhythmic) child dancing to the radio.
Obviously, Little Elvis is NOT a fan of that song. It's by a girl. He prefers 80s hair bands. He was born in the wrong era as far as his musical tastes are concerned. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shady boys

I wear sunglasses religiously. But I've never been able to get the boys that into wearing them... until recently.
Little Elvis received this crazy pair as part of a fundraiser for his school. Cheese Puff wore them for fun that morning, and now I'm not sure where they are.
My parents bought the older two boys sunglasses for their Florida trip this summer. Neither wore them, but then this weekend, Baby Plum found the blue pair.
He loved being told he looked like a cool dude, and was thrilled to rock out in the being painted sunroom. We went with yellow. Bob finished the wiring last night! The AC guys will come out at the end of the week! And then the contractor will just need to frame out the windows and doors and put in baseboards and crown molding. The outside is done! We are very, very close!
Back to my shady boys. All three wanted to wear sunglasses yesterday. They were off for the holiday, but Bob wasn't. They donned their shades and we headed to the mall to play. Little Elvis is wearing a pair of mine, because I couldn't find his crazy green ones.
They remembered the glasses when we left, and all had to wear them on the way home. They didn't remember them this morning, but it is really overcast. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How 'bout them DAWGS?

My alma mater seriously just became the number 1 team in the nation this weekend! (for football) Um, when I went there we got to 19th I think. And that was HUGE for a college in Mississippi.

Little Elvis and Baby Plum attempted to watch the game. We watched the first half at my parents' house, then finished up at ours.

Little Elvis is such a questioner, and Bob was working on the sunroom. I hope my answers to his many questions were semi-true. He was thrilled when I told him that I was one of the crazy students who stormed the field after the big win against Alabama my freshman year. The students trashed the field and brought down the goal posts. (The craziness begins around minute 9) I believe my date picked me a few stems off of a very trampled plant to remember the game. I threw them away, but I remember the excitement. I'm usually not a part of history, so it was cool to actually tell Little Elvis a personal anecdote.

He was so thrilled when they won, that he decided he was going to go there when he grows up. Baby Plum said he would, too. Cheese Puff was cranky from a late afternoon nap, and apparently doesn't want to think that far in advance.

Hail State!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Football fan

 A couple of weeks ago my parents took Cheese Puff to a football game all by himself. He loved it!
Look at the big little boy watching so intently. I believe it was the homecoming game. They stayed through halftime so he could watch the court presentation. He loved the noise of the game, which is the complete opposite of Little Elvis at that age. But not Baby Plum. Cheese Puff is a lot like his oldest brother, but he has some of Baby Plum's traits as well. Our two youngest are huge music fans. Cheese Puff has gotten to the point where he says, "I don't love it." while we're driving around listening to the radio. He'll also say "I don't like it." It's his polite way of saying he thinks I should change the station.

He's gotten to where he shouts out requests when Bob gets the guitar down. "Shot through the heart!" (aka You Give Love a Bad Name) and "Shake your Booty" are his favorites. He likes to strum the guitar while singing "You are my sunshine."

Saturday, October 04, 2014

How to help Mommy make the bed

Cheese Puff is still at an age where he wants to help. His favorite chore just might be making Mommy and Daddy's bed.
See how helpful he is?
He's a very cute pillow, or maybe he's a sheet?
He decided to pretend to sleep for me as well. It's funny, because this little boy does NOT like to be covered when he sleeps. This might be a problem once it gets colder.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Baby Plum is 5!

Sweet Baby Plum turned 5 last Thursday. It was a super-busy day, but we managed to squeeze in as much fun as possible.
We played at Chuck E. Cheese's. They got more than 500 tickets this time! Little Elvis hit a jackpot and won 100 at his first game.
That night Baby Plum had another soccer game. He was very excited.
See? He likes to stand on the field with his hands in his pockets. We're fine with this, because he's not sucking his thumb.
He does run. He's getting a little more aggressive.
That night he was delaying bedtime. We gave him one gift that morning. We got him a real easy bake oven. Not one that uses a light. Then we brought out the child-size violin Bob found for him. He was excited. I'm a little worried.
He had a great rock star birthday party where I managed to not take a picture with the camera. I did get a shot of him blowing out the candles with my phone. Will have to download those...

We had to have the party at my parents' house, since our sunroom's not done. We had 6 partiers. They didn't really play with the instruments we brought over, but enjoyed the other toys. This is the first time I didn't really fix any cake for parents. I made microphone cupcakes by sticking mini cupcakes inside ice cream cones. There were plenty for kids, but I don't think any adults ate any. That was fine. I usually have way too much cake left over. I also got pop rocks for the party. Most of the kids did not enjoy the pop rocks. Little Elvis enjoyed them, though.

Baby Plum seemed to have a good time. He passed out in my mom's arms before we left their house. He napped for a long time, then tried to stay up late that night. He came out of their room after Little Elvis fell asleep and said he wanted to hug me to thank me for his birthday party! I know it was a ruse to stay up late, and it worked.

Baby Plum's a funny boy. He's pretty quiet, but it makes sense if you hear how much his brothers talk. He's not very emotional. Little Elvis is all drama, and Baby Plum is more stoic. He's sweet. He's helpful. Well, he used to be helpful. He's ushered in the big 5 by not being very helpful. We're working on that. He's working on reading and still really loves math and matching/memory games. He sings to the radio and impresses me with all of the words he knows. I've had to start changing stations more often to keep him from hearing and repeating things. He's got a best friend who also seems to think of him as a best friend! He really loves soccer and practicing. He seems to really enjoy himself on the field.

We're very proud of our sweet little boy and we love him very much.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First goal!

Baby Plum scored his first soccer goal last night! I didn't have my camera.

He's so funny. He still won't really kick in the thick of it with all the other kids. But it was a perfect storm for his goal. I don't remember if he threw in the ball, or if someone else did. But he was the only kid there, and the other kids didn't seem to realize the ball was in play. So he kicked it toward the goal and kept running and kicking until he got it in!

He wouldn't look at us cheering on the sideline, but I think he was excited. His coach bought him an ice pop for scoring a goal. Smart coach. Baby Plum loves sweets.