Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watch out Hanson!

Last year, the boys joined Bob on stage for a faculty talent show. They danced. This year, we decided to up their game. They sang with him. We picked a song they sing along to on the radio called, "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Phillip Phillips. The boys wanted to do "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi. Bob can't do that on his guitar.
Before the show began, I got a shot of them sitting nicely on stairs. They were a little wild.
Little Elvis is trying to learn a cool new pose. 
Bob did one of his originals first.
Then the boys joined him. They were so cute, and my camcorder died about 1 minute in.
Then my camera died as well. But, the college did get video of the event!
It's of the whole thing. Bob gets on stage around 1:15 in. He starts singing around 3 minutes. The boys join him around 5:15. Cheese Puff sings a solo at 9:55.
They didn't win, although if they were voting based on pure cuteness, they would have.


It's been a long time! We've had a couple of sickies, including me. Hence the lack of posts.

Cheese Puff rallied from strep last week very quickly. But today, he was whiny and tired all day. I hope it's not starting again.

My dad had surgery on his foot last week. Cheese Puff and I took him to the surgery center, and waited for him. Cheese Puff was so good! We sat in a little curtained off room for a few hours, and he was great. He wouldn't share the snacks I packed us both, but other than that, he was great. I thought (hoped) he would be.

I didn't do a great job of planning that day. I just kind of assumed I'd be able to pick the other two up from school. I realized around noon that I probably wouldn't. One of my friends was happy to pick Baby Plum up with her daughter. Boy, did she treat that boy well. She took them to the mall, got them a ride on the train, a ride on the carousel, and bought them frozen yogurt! I was kind of shocked when he willingly got into the car with me the next day.

While Baby Plum was treated like a king, Bob picked up Little Elvis. Little Elvis' math grades weren't great on his last progress report. (He decided that instead of measuring with a ruler the regular way, he'd make up his own way. It didn't work out so well. But he tried for a few quizzes and a test. He's back to regular measuring now.) Little Elvis did math worksheets that we printed out for him that afternoon. So glad that Baby Plum isn't a big talker. He didn't tell his brother about all his special treats.

My dad is slowly recovering now. His foot still really hurts. He's got some crutches, and says he enjoys when the boys visit him and jump on his bed.

Oh I hope Cheese Puff's not sick again. We just got over two weeks of sickness!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Elvis, superstar

Little Elvis is a funny boy. He is. Sometimes it's intentional. Today, on the way home from school, I made a comment about a huge motor home trying to drive through our neighborhood. It was nonsensical. He said, "I did that a lot today. I had something funny to say about everything." I don't doubt it.

His play was this weekend. He was kind of lackluster on Friday night, and spent the last half of the play playing with his hand. He came running out as soon as it was over yelling, "I pulled my wart off!" At least we knew what he was doing. He was much louder and a little more focused for the other two performances.
The assistant director emailed me this picture. His character was a well-dressed torturer. A tickle torturer. The play was cute and went well, but we were all ready for a much needed break from all of the practices, and costume prep. 

The play hasn't been the only source of excitement for Little Elvis. He pulled another tooth last weekend. He's only got one more to go before we get a break. He's currently got 3 gaps in his mouth. And two of those were a bit of a problem for his Tooth Fairy. She kind of forgot about them. Both of them. At different times.

The first time, he woke up ready for his dollar, and bawled. We put the dollar on his toothbrush. Pretty good idea, huh? Well, then he lost another, and we forgot again. This time he checked under his pillow, then he checked his toothbrush. He didn't cry. He informed. Bob put the dollar in a sneaker. I told him he had a silly tooth fairy. He just gave me a look.

Then, he pulled another tooth. And he decided to write his tooth fairy a note. He's tired of her silliness.

It essentially says, "Dear Ms. Tooth Fairy. Please don't leave the dollar somewhere silly. Sincerely, Little Elvis. (Hide it under my pillow.)

Not exactly the most polite note, but it was funny. It also worked. The tooth fairy remembered. He may not believe anymore. But he's going along with us right now.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Surprise tree house!

Gram and Coachpa have been plotting a surprise for the boys at their cabin for a while. We had no clue what it was, and they were very secretive when mentioning it.

Two weeks ago, Bob and the boys went to find out! (I had to go to a gardening seminar. Yay.)
The boys were thrilled! They built a clubhouse type building off the lower deck of their cabin! The boys are calling it the treehouse.
Here's a long view. My dad has parking for things underneath.
And it's a great little fun room on top.
See how happy? My parents put a bunk bed that my mom's brothers' used when they were little inside. And they also put in a little table and 4 chairs that I got from our church after the tornado.
Unfortunately, the timing wasn't great. Little Elvis got sick, and couldn't enjoy the tree house. But Baby Plum and Cheese Puff did. Those are my old e.t. sheets.

The next week, my mom took the younger two to visit my grandparents, and they stopped to get ice cream. Baby Plum got cookie dough flavor, and Cheese Puff got ice cream flavor. He was insistent on that being his flavor.
He's probably saying "ice cream flavor!" in this picture. He's a stubborn one.
Little Elvis was super upset about missing the ice cream. He had play practice. He was upset that he didn't get to enjoy the tree house because he was sick, he didn't have fun at trunk or treats because he was still not feeling well, and then he missed ice cream for play practice. He told me he was the unluckiest boy in our city. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Halloween week festivities

This isn't an exhaustive list. As the boys have gotten older, and as we've had more children, I've been much worse with the camera. Still. I try.
Cheese Puff had to dress as an animal (not a character) for his Halloween Party. He wore his super cute tiger hat I bought him last year that he usually refuses to wear, and Baby Plum's orange turtleneck. I also drew a nose and whiskers on him. He turned out pretty cute, and I love his hat! He wore it most of the morning! I wish he was more of a hat boy.
Here he is with his teachers. One of them wore cat ears in the pick up line that morning and I asked him if that was his teacher. He said it wasn't her. The ears threw him off.
Cheese Puff playing at a Trunk or Treat thing. He went into the little kids area with me, hence the pictures of him. Bob had the older two, and no camera.
He didn't completely understand the concept of croquet.
But he left his hoodie up, which was nice.
I managed to snap one picture of all three. At least the older two were happy to be in the photo.
Baby Plum's school had a fall carnival. I took all of the boys, and they had so much fun. Here they are at the photo booth.
They had things on sticks for the pictures, Cheese Puff didn't realize his bowtie wasn't a pair of glasses. I think it's cute.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Performing for others

Today was Children's Church at our church. The kids "led" the congregation. This meant the choirs sang.

Cheese Puff was in a mood. He sat with us, instead of going back to nursery. The nursery lady seems to panic if there's more than one kid in there. And he must have sensed her hesitation. We were stuck with a child who was screaming his head off right before the service started. He calmed down for the most part, and played with the man sitting behind us for a while.

Baby Plum's choir sang first, so he joined us. I got nothing out of the service. Usually I don't.

Near the end of the service, all of the kids' choirs got up to sing a song. Cheese Puff was not about to let his brother go up on stage without him. Fine. I'd fought him enough. I figured he'd be ok. Baby Plum wouldn't hold his hand, but he would stand by him.
After the first chorus, Cheese Puff picked up the song and managed to sing some words.
His presence seemed to encourage Baby Plum to actually sing and do some of the dance steps.
Little Elvis was on the other end. He's so funny. Dancing is really not his thing. But he tried harder today than usual.
Look at that effort!
Our two younger babies continuing to do the steps. I talked to the little one's choir director this evening and asked if she noticed her stowaway. She said she did, and she thought he did a great job with the song and steps.

Then it was time for Little Elvis to do the benediction.
Look how serious.
Last year, at Christmas, he read some sort of something (I really don't retain much) and impressed the entire church with his reading skills. I didn't think to invite my parents, and didn't take pictures. This time, we took pictures at least.
He did a great job.... even though he wasn't feeling well. Little Elvis was sick on Friday night. He was eh on Saturday. On Sunday morning, he seemed better. But was starting to fade by the end of church. We still went to Sam's. He drank some Sprite, but couldn't even eat his pizza. We knew that was bad. Sam's pizza is his favorite food. He seemed to rally for play practice, but by the time Trunk or Treat rolled around this evening, our oldest was fading fast.
Here are our three trick-or-treaters! I was very lazy this year. Cheese Puff is Mickey Mouse. He's wearing his Mickey Mouse jacket that my mom got him for Christmas, and some leggings that Baby Plum wore when he was Mickey. Little Elvis is Harry Potter. We borrowed the robe from a friend, and he wore his own glasses. He carried a black drum stick as his wand, and I drew a lightning bolt on his forehead. Baby Plum was the most work. He decided he wanted to be Buzz. I went to the 1/2 price sale at our local thrift shop and got this costume. It fits him pretty well.
See how cute they are? Maybe I won't be so lazy next year. But they look cute and were mostly happy, except for the sickly Harry Potter. He laid on Bob's lap right before they went trick or treating, and then as soon as they made their first pass, we packed up and headed home. He didn't eat.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Dreams of chocolate, and a way too silly Tooth Fairy

Some mornings Baby Plum gets into bed with us. It's my chance to snuggle my not-so-huggable baby. I think he joins us if he wakes up to go to the bathroom.

This morning, he partially woke up and asked what I was baking for him. I told him I wasn't baking anything (the boys get cereal, fruit or yogurt for breakfast.)

He closed his eyes and murmured, "I was dreaming about chocolate ice cream cones, chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies."

While this child was dreaming of sweets, his older brother was looking under his pillow for money from the tooth fairy. There was none. He went to look at his toothbrush, because that's where the "Tooth Fairy" put it last time she forgot about his tooth. It wasn't there, either.

Daddy put the money in his tennis shoe. After breakfast, he went to take the sheets off his bed and said to me, "Let me see if the Tooth Fairy put the money under my pillow during breakfast." I'm not sure what I was doing in there, but I told him that he had a super silly tooth fairy, who liked to play games. Then I told him that I had seen the money, and he would see it when he finished getting dressed. He found the money. I think he might have lost any belief he had in the Tooth Fairy, though.

About the tooth, he pulled at school during lunch. It wasn't even that loose. He said the super crunchy pretzel in his lunch loosened it.

As for Cheese Puff, he continues to happily sleep in his big boy bed, and LOVES it.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The end of the nap era?

This is becoming a more common occurrence in our house. Cheese Puff really needs an afternoon nap, but he's not exactly taking one. It all started when he realized he could climb out of his crib.

He was pretty good about staying in at night, but during the day, he preferred to scale the sides as soon as the door was shut and run down the hall fist pumping, yelling, "I did it!"

We moved him to a big boy bed two weeks ago. He LOVES it! And has only fallen out of it twice. (We pile several pillows on the floor each night.)

But I'm not even attempting a nap in that bed. He does such a good time with it at bedtime that I don't want to risk it.

I'm trying to move us to an afternoon nap while picking up his brothers, but some days he just doesn't make it. I believe this was after a big morning in pre-school. He requested applesauce, and in the time it took me to pour him a bowl, he passed out on the couch.

Today, he passed out 5 minutes before we left. I went to put up some folded clothes, and found him zonked out on the couch, clutching a car. Lucky for me, he is pretty good at sleeping through a move from the couch to the carseat. He slept right until we pulled back in the driveway, and woke up fairly refreshed.

Speaking of the carseat, here's our youngest (and most rhythmic) child dancing to the radio.
Obviously, Little Elvis is NOT a fan of that song. It's by a girl. He prefers 80s hair bands. He was born in the wrong era as far as his musical tastes are concerned.