Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blushing Mommy

I normally can blush pretty easily. But talking on the phone used to not bring a bright red color to my cheeks – it does now.
Talking to more than one person? I feel the heat rising from my chest to my face
Public situations are even worse. I think about talking and flush. This will usually keep me from talking, which isn’t a good thing. I need to be more assertive at work, and I don’t want to wait until after Little Elvis is born to start taking more initiative.
Since I’m naturally the color of a cotton ball, the bright red face is extremely apparent.
I’ve been trying to talk through the redness when I’m around others. This just makes me hotter and I’m pretty sure I get redder.
I’m sure lots of my co-workers must think they are hurting my feelings because I keep blushing any time I’m around them.
The double-edged sword here is that my constant blushing embarrasses me and that makes my cheeks burn even more in shame.
So, is this hormonal? Is it a pregnancy thing? Or am I just more sensitive to this crazy habit?