Monday, September 25, 2006

Don’t Cry Over Mis-titled DVD Sections

Ok, so I’m emotional. And according to my husband, this is nothing new. I didn’t realize that I was usually so crazy emotionally, but he says I am. I think he would have to admit that I’m more moody than usual, though. I take just about everything as a slight against me.

We decided to go on a shopping trip on Sunday evening. The stores we wanted to hit were Pier 1, Borders and Home Depot (we have gift cards for all 3). Bob and I are cheap, but we thought $100 would buy us something at Pier 1. We found nothing that was even remotely interesting for $100. I just wandered around the store, getting angrier and angrier. How dare they charge so much for a wicker ottoman? How dare they not have sheets or something that I could actually use? How dare all three of the workers keep following us around? I was very upset and took it as a personal affront that Pier 1 had suddenly become unaffordable in my opinion. I was working myself up when of the workers who had been following us around said they had closed the store 10 minutes ago. Suddenly, I felt awful. Those poor teens weren’t following me because they thought I was a shoplifter, they just wanted to go home because they had been at work all day. We bought our $7 garbage can and left (me with my tail between my legs).

The next stop was Borders Books, I had a $25 gift card and wanted to buy pregnancy exercise DVDs. Well, the Borders near us apparently charges for parking! We ended up parking in a bank parking lot (it was Sunday evening so we figured we wouldn’t get towed) and walking quite a bit to get to the store. Once inside, all I saw were books and stationary! I know it’s a book store, but I thought most carried DVDs, or at the very least exercise books. I started to get angry immediately at this Borders, but my husband kindly pointed out that there was a second level that would have exactly what I wanted.
I left him in the clearance section and went upstairs by myself. I found DVDs and luckily there were signs over sections that were supposed to tell me where to go. I walked to the area clearly marked exercise DVDs and saw a wall of rock concerts! There were DVDs of the Rolling Stones and U2 and lots of other bands, but I couldn’t see them because my eyes were starting to tear up. Did they expect me to prance around like Mick Jagger as my exercise? Feel penitent and instead spend my gift card buying expensive chocolates to ship to 3rd world countries for Bono?

I walked to the beginning of the DVD section and hoped that maybe there was a new release of an exercise video—no such luck. I went back and stared at the wall of concerts and the sign that clearly read “Exercise DVDs” and blinked back tears. Why would Borders not want me to exercise?

Bob found me rifling through DVDs that were obviously not what I wanted. I pointed out the sign and the actual contents under the sign and felt my face getting red with the indignity of it all.

He calmly walked to the other side of the wall and found a whole wall of exercise DVDs with half a row dedicated to pre- and postnatal exercises. Apparently Borders does carry such DVDs, this store just didn’t mark them correctly. We picked out two and were on our merry way. (Bob kind of liked the idea of exercising by mimicking Mick though.)
Then we went to Home Depot and encountered yet another store on the verge of closing. At least this time I didn’t get angry at the store workers for following us around. Home Depot just announced over the intercom that we needed to get our stuff and get going.
The person who rang us up wasn’t the most pleasant, but I think I would have found her attitude awful even if I wasn’t pregnant.

The crying over mismarked DVD sections is a little odd, though. Have you experienced crazy mood swings like that, or gotten teary over crazy, crazy things? Let me know! I hope I’m not the only person who gets so weepy so easily.


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