Monday, September 25, 2006

Energy has returned!

This is a banner day! (September 6 – Week 15, Day 5) My energy has FINALLY really returned. I thought it was supposed to return once I was out of my third month and told everyone it had, but I spent last weekend dozing on and off through college football, which I usually find pretty exciting.
Then, I just felt different. I had energy. Ten o’clock rolled around and I wasn’t dozing or heading off for bed. I didn’t even feel my usual sleepiness around 1 in the afternoon—for the past few months I’ve typically been in a meeting around this time and have spent the entire time yawning and trying to keep my head from bobbing. I’m not a doodler, so I usually end up scribbling lots of dark lines all around my notebook. I’m sure my co-workers think I’m mental.
I don’t feel like I can conquer the world or anything, but for the first time in a long time, I cut out some patterns last night (sewing is a hobby of mine). That’s a really nice feeling. I hope it lasts. I’m sure I’ll need this energy after Little Elvis arrives.