Monday, September 25, 2006

I Forgot My Mascara… Again

I know pregnant women are supposed to be forgetful and have memory issues, but I thought that wouldn’t happen until late in the pregnancy.
I am constantly forgetting words – the weirder, the better.
I forgot the word paparazzi the other day. How can anyone forget that in today’s climate? Everything seems to be about celebrities and the camera-lugging folks that follow them.
My immediate co-workers are being very understanding of the strange forgetfulness, which is really nice of them. I’m sure that most of what I’m saying at this point doesn’t make too much sense.
I’ve also developed the bad habit of starting a thought and then losing it. I just stop talking. So far, this has only happened in front of Bob. I’m also pretty sure that this was a common occurrence before Little Elvis, it’s just that I’m noticing it more now.
Those aren’t the worst example of my forgetfulness, though.
About once a week I forget to put on mascara. I do the whole shebang with the rest of my make-up - SPF moisturizer, base, eye shadow and blush – but somehow forget the item that makes me look awake and attentive.
I’ll get into the bathroom at work around 10:30 and look in the mirror and think I look so tired. Then it hits me, I forgot the mascara… again.
My mom says I need to have mascara in my drawer at work. She also thinks I need to have shoes and socks in my drawer at work. If she had her way, I would just have a whole wardrobe and my bathroom cabinet stuffed into a drawer at work.
I can’t just have a backup for everything that I keep forgetting. And me getting Bob to tell me I’ve left off make-up is a no-go. I think he’s scared of how I’ll react if he ever tells me, “Yes, you do look fat in that.” Or “Sweetie, you forgot your mascara and look like a drowned rat.”
He has every reason to be worried about this. I like his lies. (He tells me I don’t need make-up, and as a very pale person with a broken out face I know this isn’t true.) I would probably cry if he actually told me the truth.
Have you forgotten normal routine habits? How are you remembering to apply your mascara?