Monday, September 25, 2006

Slappy Acts Out

We have two normally wonderful cats—Slappy and Wally. Both are the smartest, cutest, prettiest, sweetest, most interesting cats ever. Usually.

But we moved to a new place last week and they are still getting used to the changes.

We always put them in a big cage for moving, because Slappy is sneaky and will get under the drivers’ feet if given the chance.

This means for every trip to the vet and every move they are jailed in their big cage, and these trips rarely end pleasantly. They never know if they are going to have their temperature taken (we all know how vets have to do that and the cats do not enjoy it) or they might have to get on an air cargo plane.

This last move should have left them with a more pleasant taste in their little mouths. But somehow we picked up fleas on the trek from the car to the house.

This means that in the last week, the cats have been locked out of our bedroom, been given baths, been sprayed with flea spray and had the back of their necks doused with flea medicine.

That doesn’t even consider all the itching they’ve been doing to get rid of the fleas on their own. Poor Slappy has scratched a hole in the fur over one of her eyes and Wally has a spot on his arm that is now fur free.

Well, last night I decided that they finally seemed flea free. We opened our bedroom door and let them join us. This made both of them ecstatic and the room was a lot cooler (which I really liked).

Then, at 12:30, we both awoke to a clapping (I could even say it was a Slapping) noise. Every few minutes we would hear this.

Turns out Slappy had discovered a new game. Jump into the windowsill above Meredith and Bob’s heads and then bound back to the bed, letting the mini-blinds slap the window loudly.

This is apparently a very, very fun game for a cat.

She was standing by my head, prepping for her next jump, when I caught her and stopped her. She just meow-ed at me and stared at the window. After a few minutes, I started to fall asleep again and let my hand slide off of her.

That’s when she started to make her move again! Bob caught her and she just wailed and whined at us for ruining her fun.

I picked her up and grabbed the un-offending Wally and deposited them both in the hall and shut the door behind me. We were both fairly wide awake at this point, though.

Slappy usually doesn’t repeatedly disobey us and is rarely so determined to do something like that.

I think the move, the fleas and possibly the difference in the way Bob and I are acting has gotten to her. I also think both of the cats can sense (or smell) that something is different with me.

Maybe I’m wrong, do you have any suggestions to keep Slappy out of the window (remember it’s right over our heads) or ideas why she is acting like this? I would love to hear your ideas.