Monday, September 25, 2006

What about Bob?

So, I’m having issues telling my co-workers I’m pregnant. The ones in my department that I work most closely with know because my boss let me announce it at the end of our last meeting. But I work in company of more than 200 people, maybe 25 percent of whom I actually know and have conversations with. I haven’t told many of them.

This hasn’t been too bad, because one of the co-workers I told early on has been spreading the news for me. He’s very nice to do that for me, since I can’t find the words to tell people myself.

Yesterday, I was sitting by myself in a meeting with a co-worker that I like. We were the first ones there. She asked how I was feeling, perfect opportunity to share my news, right? I told her I was fine.

I don’t know, when I ask people how they are, I’m just being polite and I don’t want to be hit with a major bomb.

Ok, that’s a stupid excuse. Let me tell you what happened the day before…

I got into the elevator with another co-worker who was leaving work early for her daughter’s 14th birthday. She asked how things were going and I said, “I’m pregnant!”

She jumped up and down and was excited and then what did she ask me? “How is your husband handling it?”

What? I seem like someone who would trick my poor husband into having a baby? How do I answer that? I said, “He’s excited.” But I was thinking bad replies to myself. Do I seem so sneaky that I would trick the poor man?

I told Bob about her odd reaction and he said I should have told her, “It’s not his, so I’m not telling him!”

I was thinking more along the lines of, “Well, the bruises are starting to fade…”

Is this a normal reaction from people? Am I just being too sensitive? What do you say to these questions? Should I prepare myself for them to get even more intrusive? (I refuse to tell people what I weigh!!)