Monday, September 25, 2006

When Will I “Feel” Pregnant?

We had our third or fourth doctor’s appointment today. I honestly thought we would find out if Little Elvis would be a boy or a girl, but that hope was soon shut down.
Apparently they don’t even “do” that type of sonogram at the office. I got a prescription to call some other place so our insurance could pay them to do it.
I honestly feel like the doctor’s office is just milking me for insurance money, but that’s another story and I hate to slam the people that will be delivering Little E. (Let me just add here that on top of everything, we have to pay to park at this doctor’s office—money grubbers!)
The doctor did have the capability to listen to Little Elvis’ heart. We could hear it too, and it sounded a lot more like a heartbeat than the listen we got last month. The doctor was making a weird face while moving the device around my stomach. The heartbeat sounded a lot louder with different movements. The doc then asked me if I felt the baby move yet. I told him I hadn’t. And he said I would be soon because Little Elvis was extremely active.
Apparently in the 30 seconds that the doctor was listening to the heart, Little Elvis went from the top of my uterus (I’m assuming this here) to the bottom and then darted a little to the right.
This really excites me. I know I’m pregnant, I’ve missed periods, the pregnancy test showed positive and the doctor’s seem to agree that I’m pregnant, but I haven’t “felt” pregnant.
This could be because I have no idea what it is like to “feel” pregnant. My waist is a lot thicker, but my stomach isn’t really hard. My belly doesn’t stick out like I think a pregnant woman’s tummy should stick out. And I certainly haven’t felt Little Elvis moving around.
I can’t imagine what it will really feel like when I do feel movement. I’ve heard that it feels like a flutter, but I’ve also heard that you can feel actual kicks.
If Little Elvis is anything like me or Bob, then there will probably be lots of movement. I’m a constant fidgeter and we both toss and turn a lot in our sleep.
I think it will be so fun (I hope it’s not painful) to feel Little Elvis and for Bob to feel Little Elvis.
Have you felt movement? What’s the best description of it? Were you as excited about that?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with doctor's office's milking you! You might explore homebirth with a midwife. It is an empowering experience and many midwives have more experience deliverying babies than doctors. If you do research, you will find it is a safe option for a (low-risk) mother-to-be with a healhy pregnancy.

11:35 AM  
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