Monday, September 25, 2006

Why didn’t anyone tell me this stuff?

There’s a lot more to being pregnant than I thought there would be. I figured I’d have some morning sickness and gain some weight, but there are several things I haven’t counted on.

Did you know that you can experience fatigue in early pregnancy? I didn’t. No one talked about this – at least not to me. I’m typically a pretty active person, but for about 6 weeks all I did was feel lazy and tired. My commute at the time was about an hour and a half each way. I would sleep for the 45 minutes it took my husband to drive me to the metro, doze for the 35 minute ride on the metro (I never missed my stop!) and then have to practically drag myself through the four block walk to work. I would then spend most of the work day struggling to keep my eyes open, sleep on the drive home and sleep on the loveseat until bedtime. Occasionally my husband could talk me into walking, but for the most part I was too tired.

I practically slept an entire weekend. Bob (husband) was able to watch all of a major golf tournament (Tiger won and cried) and lots of baseball. Normally I will fuss about baseball, but I was too tired to even grumble about it.

I was also too tired and too irritable to read the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book that my cousin was kind enough to loan to me. Bob ended up reading and confirming that the exhaustion was normal – as were the heartburn and restless legs.

BOTH of these are apparently common for pregnant women. No one ever told me this!!!

Amazingly, the naps while in the car, on the metro and on the couch were uneventful. But once I hit the bed at night my legs wouldn’t stop moving! It was like they were paying me back for a day of sloth by kicking out their frustrations. I literally (this could all be in my head here) felt the nerve impulses shooting through my legs and occasionally my arms. It was frustrating and made me even more irritable. Bob tried to tell me it was common and I fussed because there was NO WAY this was common. What do restless legs have to do with pregnancy?

Another body part that I don’t feel should be involved in pregnancy is my esophagus. I know I have to swallow and food is important, but once I’ve swallowed, I shouldn’t have to think about my throat. That is just my opinion. My esophagus, though, had an entirely different theory that it practiced. It would burn all day long. Sometimes the heartburn was fast and searing. Other times it took a slow burning approach. Either way, it hurt and just added to my fussfest. Bob (who is being very saintly) said the book (which I hated at this point) told him that chewing gum might help. I have been diligently chewing and smacking my gum ever since. Miraculously, the heartburn has gone down and now I know why Britney Spears was chewing gum during that Matt Lauer interview. Poor thing didn’t want to look like a gum-smacking redneck, (I’m from Mississippi, so I know my rednecks) she was just trying to abate the fire burning through her esophagus.

Unfortunately, I can’t explain her other actions….

There are plenty of other ailments that I’ve experienced, but I have six months to expound on those and all the new ones that pop up (or out).

Why wasn’t I told of these ailments? Were the pregnant women I knew too nice to tell me about the craziness their bodies put them through? Were they just that lucky that they didn’t experience fatigue, restless legs or heartburn? Who knows? But I will do my best not to keep secrets from you. Some things I won’t share in this platform, because I’m a prude and that goes against my nature. If you have a more personal question about my experience and what you are going through, please write me. Depending on my level of moodiness, I might write back an answer.

Also, let me know if there’s anything I can expect in the upcoming months! As you can tell, I really appreciate knowing what I’m getting into.