Monday, October 23, 2006

Am I really that big?

I guess I'm not really used to this whole growing body thing. I look at the cute, fitted clothes in stores and realize they aren't going to fit me.

But when I look at something like an unfitted button-down shirt, I think that will fit me just fine. I found out this weekend that that is not always the case.

My mom bought me a straight cut button shirt months ago to wear during the pregnancy and I kept going past it because it was "too big." Finally, on Saturday I decided that I was big enough for the shirt. The button and hole across my tummy did not meet.

I had no idea I was that big! I don't feel that big, but hard evidence like that is hard to ignore.

One of my hobbies pre-pregnancy was sewing my own clothes. After making a short-sleeved blazer for my 10 year high school reunion, I hung up my scissors. But this weekend I decided to make myself a maternity dress. I'm down to just the hem and I can't believe that I could ever wear a dress that big. It is literally a huge tent. Jabba the Hut could join me in this thing.

Hopefully the dress will end up being something I wear in the last couple of months, because I can't imagine how that large scoop neck will not fall off my shoulders!

Are any of you having a figure identity crisis? I don't mind the getting bigger, at least I tell myself that. Then I look at this dress, and I'm in a different frame of mind.


Blogger AnySara said...

I actually have been discontent with my body for a long time. Pregnancy has finally made me feel good about how I look.

Maternity clothes are all about comfort. I've found that stretchy fabrics for shirts are both flattering and comfy.

It's worth investing in one or two proper maternity shirts that look great. They will fit you well in the shoulders and upper-body and will ideally remain long enough to cover your belly throughout the pregnancy. I bought a few shirts in a plus-size store and now not only do they look loose and baggy around my shoulders (not so flattering), but they don't even do a good job of covering my belly anymore!

6:54 PM  
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