Thursday, October 19, 2006

A fine line in maternity pants

I’m starting to wear my maternity pants a lot more now. I like them and they are comfortable, but I am having some issues with them. The “maternity line” (the line between the stretchy part and the actual pants) is lower than most of my shirts! It’s even lower than my maternity shirts!

Yesterday I wore my maternity jeans with a maternity shirt, and spent the whole day pulling down the back part of the shirt to make sure it covered the maternity line.

Is this a problem for any of you? Do you even care if the maternity line of your pants shows? Maybe I’m being too picky.


Blogger Audrey said...

I personally can't stand to see the maternity line! with my second pregnancy, I was really thin. When I finally started wearing maternity clothes, I got the jeans from Motherhood that just have an elastic back to them, the front looks like regular jeans and they sat a little lower on the hips to accomodate your growing belly. I wanted to look as "normal and hip" as possible. Also, these kind of jeans don't show a big line going across your belly when you wear a tighter fitting shirt. Hope that helps. I just found out yesterday that I am expecting my third! Yay!

8:50 AM  
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