Friday, October 06, 2006

It's a Boy!

After weeks of waiting (impatiently I might add) we finally found out this morning that Little Elvis is a boy. Maybe we were psychic when we picked the nickname for the baby and then bought blue bedding. Who knows?
The whole ultrasound experience was really kind of cool. The technician was nice and it was fun seeing all the different parts of Little Elvis.
We saw the spine first, and also looked at the heart, the brain, the abdomen, head, femur, lower legs, feet, face and everything in between.
The technician had to chase him some and he did not want to show off his lower left leg, but she assured us that everything was fine. I think legally she couldn't tell us he was healthy, but she said that the doctor not coming in meant that the baby was fine.
She also printed us out some cute pictures. We have a picture of Little Elvis' mouth, nose, privates and right foot. It looks like he will have a huge mouth! He also might be tall for his age, or our due date was a little off. She bumped us up a week, and now the due date is February 17. Some friends said that would either be a really happy or a really miserable Valentine's Day.
I got a little emotional after she left us to show the pictures to the doctor. I was talking about naming him Daunte, (lots of pro football players are named Dante and I want Little Elvis to support us) and suddenly got teary.
I feel like I know the baby more now. He's still really active, although I only felt him that one day. The technician said she didn't feel anything until her 22nd week, and I'm somewhere in the 21st.
I'm also poking out a whole lot more today than I was a week and a half ago. I still look more like I've got a beer belly than a pregnant belly, though.
We're pretty excited. We called both sets of parents and told our friends. I showed off my "baby pictures" to anyone that would pay attention to me at work. They were very nice to ooh and ah since the pictures didn't really look like a baby. There's also a huge chance that I was showing off things that weren't Little Elvis. I thought I saw his fingers once and apparently it was just some part of me.
We will hopefully be scanning our pics in and I'll try to find a way to include them in the blog so you can see how handsome and smart our baby is.


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