Monday, October 16, 2006

Little Elvis is fine, I might not be

I wasn't sure I should write this, but Bob said we agreed to do this warts and all.

I'll give you the more entertaining rundown of my day first. I didn't go to work, instead I got my breasts squeezed by both a Hispanic and British man, and my lips are now rivaling Angelina Jolie's.

Over the weekend, my nipples started leaking bloody discharge. We Googled any combination of this that we could and came up with nothing. So, I called the Ask a Nurse line from our insurance on Saturday night. they were shocked that I didn't call my doctor first. I didn't know the doctor's office had an overnight/weekend line, so we decided to try the doctor's office number after that call.

What luck! A man answered the phone and paged the doctor immediately. The doctor called me back after a few minutes and told me to call and get myself worked in on Monday morning. He also said he wanted me to see a breast specialist. (This is by far the best treatment I've ever received from my doctor's office and I will always try to call them in the evenings and on weekends in the future.)

I spent Sunday worrying and my lips are where my stress usually manifests. Currently they are a nice pinky-purple shade and my top lip is definitely the size of Angelina Jolie's.

On Monday, we spent about 2 -2 1/2 hours in the doctor's waiting room before finally getting to see the doctor.

The good news is I sat out there long enough for my right breast to bleed into my bra and prove that I'm not making things up. The bad news is the doctor had no idea why I was doing this. He did squeeze both breasts until they leaked--which really hurt--and asked me if I was squeezing them to make them bleed. (I was not. I don't really like to fondle my own breasts, especially if this will end in blood dripping down my chest.)

Although the doctor wasn't sure why I was bleeding, he didn't seem to think anything was really wrong. Still, he wanted me to go see the breast specialist just to be sure.

They squeezed us in for the afternoon, but I was in much better spirits. That is until I met the specialist.

Again, while waiting on the doctor, my right breast began leaking bloody discharge. He came in and squeezed my breasts and pressed my armpits. He told me he was stumped and was sorry that that wasn't more encouraging.

He's apparently going to call my obstetrician at some point and they are going to talk about my strangeness. Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow.

This means I'm more worried and my lips will probably start blistering tomorrow. I'm not good company to poor Bob and I've caused my mother to spend most of the day researching bloody breasts from Mississippi.

Little Elvis is fine though. His heartbeat is strong and he's definitely taken a liking to kicking the right side of my stomach.

I'm glad he's not the one that's hurt, but I don't want to risk his health for mine. I truly hope that's not going to happen and that the doctors will realize that I'm not a freak of nature, I just have super sensitive nipples.

Has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me this isn't something to be worried about.