Monday, October 30, 2006

Little Elvis needs a lot!

We’ve been getting lots of the fun things for Little Elvis – crib, playpen, stroller/carseat combo, bedding, LOTS of clothes and toys.

I thought we were doing well, but I just stumbled upon this list from the government and we need more stuff than I thought.

We need to get special bottle nipples, thermometers, a bulb syringe and an infant manicure set.

The good thing is, these seem like they are fairly small items and my grandmother is throwing a baby shower in Mississippi on Thanksgiving. If we ask for these things, they should all fit easily into our suitcases for the flight back to Virginia.

Are there any other baby necessity items that you can think of?


Blogger Kelly said...

We've been trying to get only the necessary after hearing from loads of moms and dads that the lists that get passed around have way too much on them.

I guess we'll see if, a week after the baby is born, my husband is constantly running out to the store to get things we didn't think we'd need!

1:43 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Hi, I saw your blog on babes in blogland. I'm also due in Feb (7th to be exact) and I have a 10 month old son.
You're right, you'll always need more things, no matter how prepared you are. I swear my hubby went to wal-mart everyday after Cade came along. This time, I'm not even worrying about it!
A word about the "special nipples" though, if you're planning on bottle feeding (or supplementing) go for the cheapest bottles and nipples first, then work your way up. Why pay $8 when the $2.50 will do. And, yes, you will need baby nail clippers (but not a whole manicure set!) and YES to a digital thermometer (one that you take in the armpit) this will save you many a trip to the ER!

Good luck!

4:46 PM  
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