Friday, October 27, 2006

Wally and Little Elvis -- Purr-fect together

We have two cats, Slappy and Wally, and Wally is what could best be described as a “lap cat.”

He prefers to be sitting on our laps whenever we are sitting, and he loves to lay on my tummy if I’m laying down on the couch or floor.

Obviously, that’s not encouraged right now and I figured he would get mad or jealous. He seems confused when I adjust him on my legs or block him from my stomach, but he doesn’t get fussy. Instead he’s found a way to lay half on – half off of my lap. This isn’t his preferred choice, but he lives with it.

For the past few winters he has slept under the covers with us, and I wasn’t sure if that habit would come back or not. It did last night.

He crawled up between us and pawed until we let him under the covers. Then he curled up right beside my tummy and purred himself to sleep. We think this is the beginning of a great friendship between Wally and Little Elvis. Both of us enjoy the soothing vibration of Wally’s purr and hopefully the baby will be just as enchanted by that sweet sound.

Do you guys have pets? What are your experiences?