Saturday, November 25, 2006

Belly bumps

It's been a while since the last post, and I'm sorry about that. We went to visit my family in Mississippi for the holidays and although my mom has cable internet in her home office, I just wanted to chill and be with family.

We had a great time and it was really exciting to actually be showing. My dad hadn't seen me since my high school reunion this summer when I was only 11 weeks pregnant. And although my mom came to visit in October, but I still wasn't really showing.

This weekend though, I had a nice round belly protuding.

The belly even got compliments from complete strangers this weekend. We were shopping in one store and the woman who checked us out said it was a "very cute belly."

Most of my family also got to see the belly, which was fun. A few touched it, which is fine with me since they are family. (I've been dreading the time when complete strangers start rubbing my belly.)

Little Elvis also had a great weekend, just like his parents. He was extremely active. I had trouble going to sleep the first night we were there because he was so active. It's not that his movements are painful, but more that they are exciting and I like to stay awake to enjoy them.

Normally I feel him the most at night, but on Saturday, the day of his baby shower, he was active from the moment I got up. I guess he knew it was his special day. He shuffled around during the shower, during the drive to the airport, on the plane and is even getting in some good belly bumps right now as I type this.

I've read that his movements will start to slow down as I get further into the third trimester. Is that true? I'll really miss his activity. What have you guys experienced?


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