Monday, November 27, 2006

Little Elvis’ extracurricular activities

I know that it’s really way too early for us to be thinking about what Little Elvis will do with his spare time when he’s in elementary school and beyond… but we are anyway.

My father, an avid hunter and high school athletic director, has always known that there will be a hunting issue with me. But he wasn’t expecting a football issue with Bob.

I have to admit that my aversions to hunting actually have nothing to do with killing the deer. When I was little I couldn’t believe he would go kill Bambi, but after seeing so many dead deer on the road, I don’t fuss about that anymore. My big problem is the danger. I mean, you’re wearing camouflage and walking around in the woods in the cold with a gun! That doesn’t even include the folks who sit in trees! I mean, with all that gear and the frozen fingers, you could fall out.

My dad made the point that he’s never gotten hurt while hunting, and neither has anyone he knows. And he would obviously be with Little Elvis, but the whole gun thing really does have me worried.

Bob, on the other hand, is worried about Little Elvis playing organized football. He thinks he’ll hurt his knees and would rather the little guy just play sand lot or pick-up football.

Dad said as long as he at least played some team sport, he would be fine with it. But I know he has his heart set on football or soccer (2 of the sports he coached).

I’m trying to compromise with Bob. Since neither of us is very big, I’m willing to bet that a position on the offensive line or as a defensive back is out of the question. But I think a position as punter or kicker would be great and it could combine both soccer and football. Bob seems ok with this solution. Dad liked it, too.

Bob is perfectly fine with Little Elvis in the Little League, and is already eyeing baby violins.

Now, we just have to see how Little Elvis feels about hunting, sports and music.

Are any of you having discussions and debates like this? Are we just wasting our time?