Sunday, December 03, 2006

Baby buying spree

I am now in week 29. That means in 11 weeks, Little Elvis should be making his world debut.

Sometimes that seems so far away, and others it seems like it can't come soon enough.
The good news is, after this weekend, we are much more prepared for his arrival. We took our gift cards and baby shower money and went on a baby buying spree!

He's now got three jumbo packs of diapers, a starter bottle set (I was really nervous here about which one to pick and went with one that claimed hospitals preferred it), a baby monitor, baby first aid items, baby bath items, a baby grooming kit and a little mirror that we can attach to the rearview mirror in our cars so we can watch him while we're driving.

Those are the necessities, but we've pretty much determined that we can't just buy necessities when we go baby shopping--we have to buy him fun stuff, too.
A few weeks ago we saw some baby rocking animals at Sam's that were so cute. We decided to wait on getting one, though. Then, we saw one of the rockers at Wal-Mart. We ended up telling Bob's dad about how cute they were and he wanted us to get one for Little Elvis from him.

So, Little Elvis got a Luc Leafwalker rocking horse this weekend--that was planned.
On the way to pick up a Luc Leafwalker, we walked past a bin of acoustic training guitars. These immediately caught Bob's eye--especially when he saw a sign for a soccer themed guitar. We dug through the bin until finding the soccer ball one. Not only was it a training guitar with a soccer ball theme, it was shaped like a banjo. That's all it took. My normally not-impulsive husband grabbed up the guitar and headed for the rocking bug.

He's already tuned the guitar and has it hanging up with his other guitars. I have no idea what the age range for this guitar is, but I'm sure it's a long way off.
I hope Little Elvis takes more after Bob when it comes to playing the guitar. After a couple of months of sore fingers, I gave up on that endeavor.

Any of you bought presents for baby way before baby was ready for them? It can't be just us, right? (He is pretty well outfitted until his second Halloween at this point--he'll be a bulldog then.)


Blogger Bre said...

Hi, I just found your blog, wish I'd found it earlier. I so want, actually I MUST HAVE that rocker, I see it at Costco (our version of Sams Club) and I have the urge to buy it every time, but it's like $40. I better just give in and buy it, stuff at Costco doesn't seem to be there very long.

7:59 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Hi Bre-- the best price we could find for that rocker was $100! Wal-Mart is also selling it for $40. We decided to go ahead and get it since it was so much more expensive online. It is precious and we've certainly had lots of fun with it!

9:34 PM  
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