Thursday, December 07, 2006

Coupon confusion

Have you guys been signing up for all the pregnancy promotions? You sign up and you’re supposed to get coupons for diapers and bottles, etc.? Well, I’ve signed us up for several and so far I’ve gotten about 10 pamphlets for cord blood banking and more than a dozen emails from a widow in Nigeria offering to split millions of dollars with me if I pay her some money first.

How crazy is that? I understand that signing up for mailing lists will get you on some spam lists. But ONLY spam lists? That’s a little much. They could at least send me one coupon for formula or baby announcements.

I know this probably looks like I’m angry about it. I’m not so much angry as confused. Maybe I’m somehow signing up for the wrong lists. Are there better ones that will actually send me coupons?


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