Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ivory soap works for me!

I finally remembered to pick up some Ivory soap yesterday afternoon. I had read that Ivory soap could keep my restless legs still.

My mom said it had to be white Safeguard, but the CVS only had regular Safeguard, which I think is orange. So... I got the Ivory.

Since the bar of Zest soap we tried last week didn't work, I didn't think the Ivory would either.

I was wrong!

I still kicked a little, but it was NOTHING like the massive kicks of the past few weeks.

Oddly enough, my feet were really warm last night. I have no clue if that ties in with the soap or not. I also have no idea how that works. But I highly recommend it to all you pregnant women who can't keep from kicking through the night!


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