Friday, December 22, 2006

Little Elvis' soothing heartbeat

I cried this morning on the way to the doctor. I tried not to, but I just couldn't stop the tears or the huge lump from growing in the back of my throat. Bob knew I was upset, but he didn't realize I was crying until the sniffling got too loud.

I'm sure I frustrate him when I get like this. My work just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Although I don't have to work full days, I will have to work on weekends and holidays. I should just have to log on and do minor stuff, but this morning it took me more than an hour to do a job that I thought would take 30 minutes. And I ended up having to get help from a co-worker who just happened to be online.

This scared me. Am I going to have spend 1-2 hours on Christmas and my vacation days and on my weekends just waiting for the system to work? I didn't cry when I found out about having to work on the weekends. I didn't cry when I found out that I had to work on my vacation. But I did cry when the system wouldn't let me do my job.

I also cussed a whole lot. Poor Little Elvis. Try as I might, that kicking cussing goal is not being achieved.

I've seriously gotten to the point where I'm telling myself, just eight more weeks. Every morning I tell Little Elvis to not come early. I don't want him to come early, but I'll be so thrilled to get out of this crazy situation once he arrives--at least for six weeks.

So, my nose was runny and my eyes were red when I got to the doctors office. The nurse who weighed me and took my blood must have noticed because she was extremely nice and talkative. She told me a trick she found to keep her 2-year-old from crying in the store.

Whenever he starts getting whiney over something, she says he's going to make her cry and he wouldn't want to do that would he? This has stopped his waterworks several times. I think it's a great tip, and will hopefully remember to use it on Little Elvis.

After hearing his little heartbeat (140 times per minute), I felt a lot better. Hopefully my work will go more smoothly over the holidays and I won't feel the need to cuss or cry in frustration at a situation I'm powerless to control.

I hope your jobs are going better, and that you don't have to think about work or anything but your babies, families and friends over the holidays.

Merry Christmas!


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