Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Now is not the time to panic

I learned an important lesson last night. I shouldn’t call Bob at weird times right now. Since I’m 31 weeks pregnant, it can cause him undue stress if he misses my call.

Let me explain.

Last night Bob had to go to a conference (and speak at it) in the city. I went home after work and was going to drive to the metro to pick him up when he was finished.

Well, I panicked around 8:30 p.m. The night before he had tried to call me and my cell phone didn’t receive the call until the next morning.

What if this happened again? I could picture him waiting out in front of the metro in the chilly weather without a coat and a cell phone that wasn’t connecting to its intended target.

This worried me. And I didn’t remember when his presentation would be over.

I decided to wait until 9 to call, because presentations don’t last past 9 p.m., right?

Well, that lasted until 8:43. Then I couldn’t help myself. I had to call to make sure that he wasn’t trying to call me.

I decided that he was much better about putting his ringer on buzz than I am, so I went ahead and called him. Obviously, he didn’t answer. So I left a long, stressed out, apologetic message about his phone not working and me worrying and him not walking two miles in the dark.

Not two minutes later, he calls.

“What’s wrong?” he urgently whispers.

“Your phone works! You can call me! Did you hear my message?” I’m happy that I can, in fact, receive calls from him.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, are you still presenting? I didn’t want to miss your call and I did yesterday and I didn’t want you waiting on me while I was waiting on you.”

His conference ended at 9 and he was able to call me back and let me know he was ready for pick up.

I managed to botch that, though. I took the long way. I forgot that we now have a much easier way to the metro that cuts time and two long red lights. In the end, the poor man did end up waiting on me at the metro.

But from now on, I will make sure what time his conference is over before I start calling him in the middle of it to ask if his phone works.

Is panicking like this common during pregnancy? I think I was capable of waiting 15 minutes a few months ago.


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