Friday, December 29, 2006

Sleepless night

Last night I had lots of trouble going to sleep. It wasn't because of restless legs or heartburn. Yes, I was uncomfortable, but that wasn't the real cause either. Bob was visiting friends and family and I was home alone.

We haven't been apart very much since we got married 4 years ago, and I'm used to having him there with me. We have a nighttime routine that I've, admittedly, been disturbing recently. But I like this routine. I'm used to this routine. I don't sleep well when I don't have a big part of my routine - Bob.

So although my legs were restful, my mind was not.

Instead of messing up Bob's night of sleep, I tortured Slappy and Wally. Wally would get comfy in the nook behind my bent legs and I would just HAVE to flip. Slappy was kicked a couple of times during my tosses and turns.

This morning, while I got ready for work, they both stayed on the bed to catch up on their beauty sleeps. Poor things.

Little Elvis kept me company though. He had the hiccups and was pretty active. We wiled away the night hours together. I'm sure that after February 17, we'll be wiling away even more nighttime hours.

He's getting lessons from me. He must not arrive early. He has 50 more days. He also should encourage me to take him walking in his stroller after he's born. I will need the exercise and he could use the fresh air and a place to show off some of his many cute outfits.

He needs to like music, so his daddy can share that with him. And he can play whatever sport he wants, although most video games will not count. (We'll be dorky parents, trust me on this.) He also has to give his seat to a pregnant woman if he's on a bus, metro or subway train.

And I'm encouraging him not to inherit my allergies or my propensity for cussing.

I'm sure he won't remember these conversations, but I feel I should start passing along my little pearls of wisdom early.

Do you talk to your babies?