Monday, December 04, 2006

Superhero status

I feel like a superhero today. No, it’s not endorphins… Well, it could be endorphins, but I think it has a whole lot more to do with my new boots.

When we went on our baby buying spree, I had to indulge myself as well. I’ve been wanting a pair of flat black boots. I’m so thrilled that lots of the things that are fashionable right now are also very pregnant-friendly.

Although I do want to look like a very fashionable pregnant lady, I’m torn. I hate to spend lots of money on clothes I’m going to need for a very short time and I keep waiting for my feet to expand before I start buying “good” shoes.

This means that for most of my pregnancy I’ve looked a lot more frumpy than fabulous, but I feel more confident in my appearance today—thanks to my stylish new Payless kicks. (Hey, when you care enough to buy the very best? Wait, that’s not the right saying…)

These boots, although a little more than I typically want to spend at Payless, are awesome! They are flat, come up almost to my knee and have laces up the back. They aren’t bondage looking, just very cool. When I tried them on I told Bob I looked like Wonder Woman.

I’ve decided Wonder Woman is not the super hero to go with, and I want to make up one for myself. I’ve been kicking around two – Womb Woman and The Belly.

And I’ve already displayed some pretty impressive super powers if I do say so myself.

I’m able to eat through a whole glass of ice in a matter of minutes while covered in two sweaters, gloves and a blanket.

I can sniff out sweets within a 20 foot radius.

And I’m growing another human inside my belly, which is pretty impressive.

So, which name do you like? The Belly? Or Womb Woman?


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The Belly!

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