Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I've learned so far

This time of year is a time for looking back and looking forward. One thing I noticed in looking back in the blog posts is how remiss I've been in updating.

So, I'm going to try to cover as much as I can with this post. I'm also going to try to be super-savvy and link to the posts that I'm referencing. All this, and I'm hoping to keep things short. We'll see if I can master these goals.

I don't have any real "food" cravings, but the ice still calls my name (as do scouring sponges, Zest soap and Bob's stubble -- all of which I'm avoiding). Apparently, this is caused by an iron deficiency. But as caerynn told me, the iron pills hurt my stomach. I'm going with extra spinach and iron-fortified cereal since my anemia is very borderline.

As for the crying, I feel like I've gotten worse. We went to see "We Are Marshall" over the holidays and I swear I cried through the entire movie. I know those movies are supposed to make me cry, but since when does a rerun of "That 70s Show" bring on the waterworks? I am going to chalk this up to hormones. And just to give myself an excuse, it was the episode where Eric was leaving his family and I'll be sad when Little Elvis moves out. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Glucose testing isn't nearly as bad as I dreamed it would be. It takes about an hour and the drink isn't too bad. Just remember not to eat or drink for, I think, 12 hours before you're tested. That's the most important thing.

RhoGAM was a little more painful. It's needed if you have negative blood (I'm B-). They draw your blood, then it takes about an hour to mix your blood with something else (science and medical stuff is not my strong suit) and then they jam that mixture into your arm. I say jam because they have to get into your muscle (kind of like tetanus if I remember correctly) and it does hurt a little. In all honesty, ripping the Band-aid off at the end of the day was a lot more painful.

As for the pains of pregnancy, here's what I've learned. I know all pregnancies are different, so these may not work for you (I hope they do.)

Heartburn: This has plagued me throughout the entire pregnancy, and I hate those chalky tablet things. Milk helps momentarily, as does chamomile or mint tea. Honestly, the best thing (although still temporarily) is ice water. Obviously, something I get plenty of.

Restless legs and sleepless nights: We got a pregnancy pillow. It was the cheap one at Bed, Bath and Beyond ($10, I had extra fabric, so I made a pillow case. They are $20 at the store, and in case you haven't noticed--we're cheap.) It's been great! Seriously. I put it between my legs and lay my belly on the top part of it. Other than getting up to go to the bathroom (and dealing with the cats), I am sleeping lots better. Another tip I've heard, but I haven't remembered to buy it yet -- Ivory soap or white Safeguard at the foot of your bed is supposed to soothe restless legs. Some day I will remember to buy it at the grocery store. (pregnancy brain again)

Swollen ankles: These don't hurt anything except my pride. Elevating them helps. I try to put them up at work some, although I get strange stares. I think it's important to get them above your heart, but I'm not attempting THAT at work.

The occasional calf cramps do pop up at night, but if I stop flexing or pointing my toes, they go away.

Alright, I've gone on long enough. If you guys have extra thoughts or ideas of what has worked for you, please share!


Blogger Shell said...

Thanks for the lessons you have learned, I hope to learn them myself one day soon..meantime I will just educate myself.

1:05 AM  
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