Monday, January 15, 2007

Bad day

It is Monday and my "holiday" has not started well. I am supposed to work every day now, but at least on weekends, holidays and vacation days I can do it from home. Well, I am now up to hour three of my working holiday.

And my computer has decided that it does not want me to use any apostrophes. This means no contractions. I like contractions. I am also aware that most people probably know exactly what causes this problem and how to fix it. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

If you know how to fix this (most likely) very simple problem, please share.

What else is making my day bad? Well, my breakfast consisted of chocolates and cookies. To a kid this would be a good thing, but I do not think a pregnant woman should do this. I just could not stop myself though! I was home by myself struggling to get my "15 minutes" of work done and I needed those cookies and chocolates.

How are you guys doing today? I hope if you had to work, whatever you depend on to get your job done is not hindering you. I also hope you ate much healthier breakfasts and that you can type contractions all you want.

P.S. Sorry I sound so fussy. Baby is coming in 33 or 32 days I think! That makes me happy. I'm just also tired and cranky.


Anonymous Caerynn said...

Wally has the latest from Paris, a fur purse!

I had brownies for breakfast, and coffee, and then a naturally sweetened whole grain muffin i made for the kids.

Lunch will be happening very soon.

Hope your day gets better!

12:13 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. It did. I took a nap. It's amazing how a nap can get rid of the fussiness. I guess I'll learn a lot more about that soon enough!

2:24 PM  

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