Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bedroom boundaries

We had another stressful night last night. I had issues sleeping. I have a pregnancy pillow and the Ivory soap now, but Wally has decided that he likes the pregnancy pillow as much as I do.

I kept waking up beside the pillow with him right on top of it. I would try to scoot him over and at least just share the pillow. We finally came to a decent truce when an unbearable calf cramp came up again.

It was so sharp and tight. I tried to do the stuff Bob did with for the calf cramp last time, but every movement I made made it hurt that much worse.

Finally, I had to shake him awake while crying about hurting so much. I'm sure my calf was the last thing he was expecting after being woken up like that. But he immediately did something and the pain subsided enough for us both to get back to sleep.

It's still a little sore today, so I was careful with it.

I hope sleep is going very well for the rest of you. And I will try to be more strict with the cats. Sleep is getting more precious.


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