Friday, January 26, 2007

Little Elvis is "locked and loaded"

We got a pretty good glimpse of what Little Elvis will look like when he makes his world debut yesterday when we went for a sonogram.

The doctor wanted to know how much he weighed and I wanted to make sure he was a boy and see what he looked like. We got pretty good answers on all counts.

He weighs in at 6 pounds 6 ounces and is definitely a boy -- at least according to the technician. It just looked like splotches to me, but Bob nodded like he knew what she was pointing at.

And we got to see his profile and get another shot of his nose. The technician said he has my nose. Bob is thrilled about this, but I do have to point out that most babies seem to have my nose, (it's a little turned up at the end) but they grow out of it eventually. I just never outgrew this nose. Still, on him, the nose looks really cute.

The technician snapped a close up of his nose and got us a profile shot. She said he was pouting, I say he was living up to his nickname. Elvis Presley was known for his snarl, among other things, and Little Elvis is just practicing on getting the lip curl just right. Either that, or he didn't like what I ate for breakfast!

Another great thing we learned was that he is "locked and loaded." This is my term for being in the correct position. His head is down and he is ready for February 17. They didn't change the date. I honestly wanted them to bump that day up, but I'm glad they didn't push it back.

Most of this sonogram was lots of fun, but the very beginning of it was really painful for me. The technician had to poke on my pelvis pretty hard with the sonogram instrument and Little Elvis poked back because he didn't appreciate the pressure. It was a battle of wills and I was stuck in the middle squeezing my eyes shut and hoping that the shot she wanted wouldn't take too long.

Have any of you had sonograms around 36 weeks? Did you try the 3-D ones? I'm sure the pictures are much clearer, but they aren't covered by our insurance.


Blogger Dawn said...

We didn't have an ultrasound this late, but ours, at 32 weeks, was still pretty remarkable. We, too, found out *without a doubt* what the gender is, so that was helpful. I'm kinda neutral about the 3D thing because I think they look kinda freaky LOL

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