Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paunch partners

Wally, one of our cats, and I have a connection now. At least I think he sees it that way.

I've written about Wally before. He's our very social and very loving cat. Slappy is content to be in the same room as us, but she doesn't need to be on or even near us. (Unless she wants to fetch.) Wally, on the other hand, wants to be in the lap, on the outstretched legs or somehow physically touching us.

And he's a big cat. He's a very big cat. He's twice the weight of Slappy, but he's also wider, taller and longer. He's just big. And he's got a paunch. It's a loose pouch of skin that hangs off his belly near his back legs. It swings back and forth when he runs and is very cute (at least to us!)

In the past few weeks, Wally has really latched onto my belly. He likes to curl up on what's left of my lap and lay his head on the belly. He also likes to lay on the pregnancy pillow and snuggle up as close as possible to my belly at night.

I've woken up several times to Wally snuggling with the belly and Little Elvis kicking.
This makes me think that Wally notices our common bond -- the bellies -- and feels more connected to me than usual.

So are we belly buddies, or is this just my crazy notion?


Anonymous Caroline speednik [a] hotmail [dot] com said...

I was googling "get rid of belly paunch" as I want to tone up for the summer and I camee across your adorable cat. For a sec I thought it was my own kitty, Syd (same colouring, same paunch). You gotta love it :)

11:31 PM  

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