Sunday, January 21, 2007

We're in the home stretch

We have another sonogram appointment on Tuesday. I am really excited about this. We get to see how big Little Elvis is and maybe get an idea of what he will look like.

Then, on Saturday we do our all day labor and delivery class at the hospital. That’s January 27.

I know he’s not due until February 17th, but I’m hoping the sonogram people will move up the due date and that he will arrive shortly after our labor and delivery class.

This is probably a lot of wishful thinking, but I'm ready to meet him. I had been worried that wanting him early would be bad on my part, but now that we're past 36 weeks I feel a whole lot safer for him.

I'm also HUGE! My belly is unbelievably big. I attempted to cut Bob's hair last night (for the first time) and the belly really got in the way. I can't imagine it would be possible to get any bigger, although I've been told I will.

Also, the back issues are really uncomfortable. My blisters from the heating pad incident are now popping. We've stopped with the burn cream and I'm now putting antibacterial ointment on them.


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