Monday, January 22, 2007

Will Indy Colts induce labor?

About a month ago, I wrote about my beloved Colts. They had just lost to the Cowboys and I was very frustrated. It was just the final blow in a series of events that had me feeling whiny.

I am at the opposite of that spectrum today. My Colts won last night! They are headed to the Super Bowl. I told Bob at the beginning of the season that this was their year. And I was so upset when all the sportscasters were calling for it to be the year of the Dolphins and the Ravens. (Boy were they wrong, huh? Ha!)

What does this have to do with my pregnancy you ask? Well, possibly a lot.

See, I tend to get very caught up in these games. I yell and fuss and fret and scare the cats.

The Super Bowl is February 4, just 13 days before Little Elvis is due. I'm concerned that I'll get myself so worked up during this game that I'll go into labor.

Important note: We will throw a tape in the VCR, and head to the hospital. I feel the need to add this, because I read in the paper this morning about a woman who induced her labor early so her husband could go to the Bears game. A little much maybe?

I guess traffic will be pretty good at that point. Hopefully most people will be at parties and not on the road. So maybe getting all hyped over my team getting to the big game would be a good thing.

Do any of you have fears like this?

On a side note, we went to a dinner party with other young families in the neighborhood last night. I spent most of the evening watching the first half of the game instead of talking with the other mommies (which was bad, I know.) Any other team and I probably would have tuned out, but it was my Colts.


Anonymous taraden said...

I was routing for the Seahawks... as I live in British Columbia, Canada (closest team to where we live)... but seeing as how they are out, I am now cheering ofr the Colts. I have been bugging Neil about the baby being born on Superbowl Sunday!! Ha Ha!

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Caerynn said...

How wonderful that you are not so consumed with the pregnancy that you keep up with your Colts! Can you believe we're so close?

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:08 AM  
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8:15 PM  
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