Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The 2nd 12 hours

I'm so glad we got to see Little Elvis before my mom left. She just happened to be in town when I went into labor six days early. My father is jealous that he wasn't able to be here. He's flying in on Wednesday since we won't be able to go home before then.

He's spent the morning calling my mom and asking if the baby was in the room yet, why not and when will email those pictures to my uncle. (Dad's not too keen on email.)

Mom got to spend about two hours with us and the baby. She took our first family picture, which Bob posted without my knowledge. I look awful and definitely drugged (which I guess I was.) Bob and the baby look great, though.

Then we all (along with two different nurses) tried to get Little Elvis to feed. I feel so bad that he has an inexperienced mommy. Hopefully I'll get better at breastfeeding soon. One thing I've learned so far is that everyone has a different method that will definitely "work." I guess we'll just have to find our own method.

Mom also got to hold him before he left. They make a great pair. She's a pro at calming him down already.

Bob took her to the airport and I had the baby to myself for around an hour. He was in his bassinet and slept like an angel. This is a good thing, because I literally couldn't get out of bed.
That was the hardest part about hours 12-24 with the baby. I couldn't do anything to help him, because I was helpless. I was numbed where the surgery scars were and the cramping in my stomach kept me in bed.

Bob had to change his first dirty diaper by himself (and he did it without wet wipes because he couldn't find them!) He also had to try to swaddle by himself. And whenever the baby cried, Bob had to get him and console him or bring him to me -- not that I've mastered the art of breastfeeding yet. But I have discovered that Little Elvis likes to be snuggled on my shoulder near my neck.

I cannot wait until the wires are taken out tomorrow and I can move around and actually be of assistance with our new baby.


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