Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Band-Aids and Belly Buttons

I feel I've been really lucky with the pregnancy. I'm right where I should be on weight gain according to my doctors (personally, I feel I've gained more than I should, but I'll worry about that after delivery.) And at 38 1/2 weeks, I'm only suffering occasional aches and pains. I'm still working and walking to work, although I go further in on the Metro now and only walk about a block.

My biggest issues these days are my sense of uncomfortableness, tender belly-button and sore groin muscles.

The top part of my belly-button has been poking out for a while now, and I felt nothing. But this weekend it decided to bring on the pain. OK, it doesn't hurt hurt, it smarts. It stings whenever my shirt brushes against it or if my scarf is buttoned under my coat. I've been wearing a band-aid and keeping it moisturized in an effort to quell the stinging.

I'm not sure what to do about the groin muscles though. And I'm really just guessing that it's my groin muscle. I was never very athletic, so I've never experienced a groin pull. Mainly the left one hurts, but yesterday the right one decided to give me a twinge.

Usually, I'll feel like I've pulled my inner thigh out of whack while I'm walking. But sometimes it will ache while I'm just sitting or standing. I can't really lean all of my weight on one foot or the other. I have to stand flat-footed and maybe sway just a little bit to stay comfortable.

So, considering the baby is due in 10 days (hopefully less!) I feel like I'm pretty lucky. But I may be singing a different tune closer to February 17.


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