Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Day 10 - Little Elvis takes after his "nickname" sake

Little Elvis does not like to be changed -- clothes or diapers. But if we play one of the baby music things we bought before he was born, he quiets down really quickly.

Bob is thrilled that the baby loves music, although he mainly hears classical music and lullabies right now. And, obviously, his preference for music probably comes from his father more than from being nicknamed after the King of Rock n Roll.

Little Elvis doesn't cry a lot, but when he does I try to find ways to calm him quickly. I'm glad the music works for now, but I'm worried that his preference for music will soon change and I'll have to find something else.

The good thing is loud noises don't seem to bother him too much (although he hates the velcro on the My Brest Friend pillow that I use.)

He doesn't like bright lights, but that's understandable.

What are you guys doing to calm your babies? Any advice for when he outgrows his fascination with music?


Blogger Ashley said...

I bet if he likes music now then he will continue to do so! Both my kids have music playing when they go to sleep at night. It has worked well as part of their night time routine and it helps to signal "bedtime". I find my sling really helps to calm Caileigh when she is fussy (you can see a photo of her in it on my blog) and a bath often helps as well. Funny enough, she also calms when I change her diaper, whether or not she needed it. It is interesting how all kids are so unique even from such a young age.

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