Friday, February 23, 2007

Day 11 - Worries are getting to me

Today was an odd one. I spent most of the day holding Little Elvis. He didn't want to go into his bassinet.

He did let me eat lunch, but made unhappy noises while I scarfed down a reheated piece of pizza.

When I finally got him down in his bassinet, I had to call Bob to make sure that he thought it would be alright to go to the bathroom. I normally don't need permission to go to the bathroom, but I hated to leave Little Elvis sleeping in his bassinet by himself.

He turned out to be just fine for those few seconds, but I fretted the entire time.

We did find out some things I can do while he's in my arms -- brush my teeth and load the dishwasher.

I have one of those sling things and may end up using it around the house.

Any other suggestions to keep the little one happy while I try to do minor household chores?


Blogger Ashley said...

As hard as it is to put little ones down, it is ok to do from time to time. I, like you, never put my son down. I held him for naps until he was around 5 months old. It was also a lot due to his temperment. He was feisty and didnt like to be alone. My second child, because of necessity, spends a TON more time alone and I now realize that it is ok. It is actually good to teach them to be content alone so that as they get older they will play indepdently. In a sense, you are giving them a skill. I do realize that he is sooooo young and you really need not worry about that yet. The sling works great for me to have free hands and bring Caileigh around. I also have a little bouncy chair that I use all the time because I can bring her from room to room and she can watch me cook, clean etc. and be content. There is a bar that you can hang toys over it and it vibrates. She is actually sleeping in it right now. I also really like the play gym. It is a mat on the floor with toys that hang off it. In a few weeks, "little elvis" might enjoy that. Enjoy your time with your little one, but remember, you need to pee too!!

3:40 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

whoops, I just wrote a novel. sorry!! You can tell me to be quiet anytime!!

3:40 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Ok, I just wanted to add that I hope you didnt think I sounded preachy. I wasnt trying to imply that you "shouldnt" hold your baby all the time if that is what you choose, I just wanted to say that it is ok to not hold them if you need to get things done. I dont regret for a minute, holding my son all the time. Ok, I will stop talking! LOL

5:14 PM  
Anonymous annemarie said...

put him down... or you'll have a 6 month old who won't nap with out you and doesn't sleep at night. I know that the "experts" say you can't spoil a child at his age... but you can SPOIL you... which I did. And I HAD the HARD time putting him down when he got older. I was the one inhibbiting his sleep later. He can cry for a couple of minutes while you pee. It's not like you're taking a 45 minute bubble bath while he turns blue in the face.

For every month until he is 5 months old, I would add 2 minutes to the time that you leave him be while he cries (I waited until Austin was 2 months old to start this). Then when he hits 5 and a half months, you can let him go 15 or so to start sleep training him. it is the WORST day of your life the day you do that. BUT, he will sleep better and be more independent. I can't tell you how many mothers see me and Austin interact and see how independent he is because I FINALLY realized that if he cries he won't stop loving me. He knows that if he needs me I'm there, but he doesn't cling to me like a lot of 1 year olds... and It is because I taught him from day one the difference between wanting me and needing me. And, I never felt guilty about peeing or taking a short shower while he whined a little. He sounds worse than he actually feels, because he can't communicate the difference between hurt feelings and physical pain yet.

I sent you a huge box today...let me know when you get it!

Love you MERE!

3:33 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Thank you guys so much for the advice and support! I'm glad I shouldn't feel guilty while doing the necessities! Today I managed to dust while he slept peacefully in his bassinet.

8:49 PM  

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