Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 3 -- Our breast friend

I feel very dirty, but still no shower for me. The good news is that I can walk. I got to go look at the babies in the nursery this morning and we went and filled up our ice water jug (the ice here is really good!)
We had a very rough night last night. Little Elvis would not sleep and was inconsolable. We finally ended up calling our nurse well after midnight and getting him some formula. My milk hasn't come in and he's starving. I'm not sure our second nurse of the evening agreed with this decision, but he went to the bathroom shortly after he had the formula and was able to sleep.
The nurse said everything should be fine since we breastfed right before trying the formula.
We also ended up sending him to the nursery for the rest of the evening (except for feedings) so we could both get some sleep. We both felt guilty, but we won't have any opportunities for breaks on Wednesday and we are exhausted.

When the nurse brought him in on Tuesday morning, she told us he was a little angel.
We ended up sneaking in the formula during one more feeding, but by this evening my milk had apparently come in. He's feeding for a lot longer and we have a great time just watching him. AND he's going to the bathroom! His bilirubin is still a little high, but he's doing much, much better.

I'm feeling better about being able to successfully breastfeed Little Elvis. A lot of this confidence stems from the lactation consultant who has stopped by each day. I assume most hospitals have such a professional on hand in their maternity ward. Make use of this person's expertise if one is available to you. Our lactation consultant not only helped me with breastfeeding techniques as well as describing the changes going on with my breasts, but her presence seemed to put Little Elvis at ease at feeding time. Perhaps he just likes an audience.


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