Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Day 8 - My brest and worst friends

Breastfeeding has gotten easier and Little Elvis is starting to eat more. I think a lot of the credit has to go to the My Brest Friend pillow that Bob got me last year. It goes around the waist and is secured with velcro. He sits on it and my hands are freed up to get the burping cloth ready.

That said, I have a new enemy -- the breast pump. We decided to start using a manual pump today. It was not a fun experience. It was a little painful and I didn't accomplish very much. But my breasts are really hurting this evening.

Bob read that we probably shouldn't have started trying until 4-6 weeks after Little Elvis was born. He was attempting to read through the directions while I was getting started (He's the instruction reader in the family. I just try to do what I think I should be doing without actually reading!)

Any of you have items that have made breastfeeding better or worse?


Blogger Ashley said...

I have a manual pump and find that it works pretty good but it is tedious and time consuming. I have the avent pump. It was super handy having my son on a bottle for those times (seldom) that I got out. With Caileigh, we have introduced a bottle a few times but she doesnt seem too eager. i imagine she would take it if she were hungry enough. Are you going to freeze milk? Have you introduced a bottle yet or are you waiting awhile?

10:10 PM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

We do plan to use the bottle, and actually had to use formula at the hospital because Little Elvis was hungry and my milk hadn't "come in". He took to the bottle fine because he was so hungry. He slurped down the tiny amount that I had expressed last night because he was so hungry. We hope to start using bottles when I can pump. I just have to have patience with it...

9:23 PM  

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