Thursday, February 08, 2007

Diapering dos and don'ts

Bob and I are both dorks. We went to a diapering seminar at Babies R Us on Tuesday and were both really excited about it.

One of my male co-workers was shocked a.) that I was excited about the class and b.) that Bob had found out which Babies R Us in our area offered the class.

I know that it was sponsored by Pampers and we would be encouraged to buy Pampers at Babies R Us. But it's been a long time since I last changed a diaper and then it wasn't a newborn. And Bob has never changed a diaper.

And we weren't the only ones there!

The class was more us watching a videotape and then the Babies R Us showing us the different diaper options offered by Pampers.

Still, the video had some interesting diapering tips that we hadn't thought of (and one that we both thought was weird.)

I'm not going to go over the basics of diapering because I'm sure most of you know more than we do, but I thought I'd share the two tips I really liked.

1. Hang up one of those closet shoe bags by the changing station and put things like onesies, socks, toys, towels or rags (for boys), etc.

2. Fill a basket with diapering needs for each floor (or in our case - for the living room.)

We also hadn't thought about putting a clothes hamper in Little Elvis' room. This weekend, I've decided to get a cute baby hamper (if it's cheap) a big basket and a closet shoe bag.

I have to add here that we did use a $5 coupon on a huge box of Pampers Swaddlers for 8-14 pounds. It wasn't a coupon given to us at the store though, it was one sent to us by Pampers.

Babies R Us is also having some sort of event this Saturday. My mom will be in town and I told her we'd take her. Let me tell you that although she sounded non-plussed, I just know she's very excited about the possibility of going to some event where they try to make us buy stuff.

Have you guys gone to any classes like this? They have a breastfeeding one on February 20th that I'm sad I'll miss (hopefully Little Elvis will be here by then!)


Blogger The Frog Princess said...

I didn't make any baby classes, but I may definitely have to steal the shoe bag idea, thanks for sharing it!

11:41 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

we're hopefully going to an infant CPR class next week, if I can get my babysitter here on time.

I've done the breastfeeding class w/my first two pregnancies.

I do keep diaper changing stuff on each floor so I don't have to cart the kidlet up the stairs, etc. :) Great ideas from them :)

4:26 PM  
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