Monday, February 05, 2007

Pregnancy is laborious

Well, my Colts won last night (yay!) and I didn't go into labor. Notice I didn't put yay after the second part of that sentence? That's because I wanted to go into labor. We're now at 38 weeks, which means he's safe. And I'm uncomfortable and ready to deliver.


I've gotten to the point where bending over is out of the question. Sitting down is difficult enough, but bending over... well, it's just not going to happen. Before I got pregnant (and even into the pregnancy) I was that person who would bend down to pick up pennies -- even if they were on tails. This morning I saw a nickel and a dime on the ground and just kept on walking. This is big. Anyone who knows me and reads this probably just gasped in astonishment.

While sitting and watching my beloved Colts, I would lean over Wally to get something and the belly would bounce me back to an upright seated position, eliciting a grunt.

I feel really awful for poor Bob because I grunt all the time now. He seems panicked when I do it, but I can't really help it.

I grunt when the baby kicks right behind my belly button -- for some reason, this sensation is very unpleasant and stings. I grunt when I stand up. Grunt when I sit down. Sometimes I'll just grunt while sitting and doing nothing (I think these bother Bob the most. He asks what's wrong and I have no explanation other than I just wanted to grunt.) I grunt when I roll over in bed, and grunt when I get up to go to the bathroom -- everytime.

Needless to say, I am a pest. Last night I took the pestiness a little further, though. Little Elvis waged a war with my bladder or kidneys -- he was seriously pummelling them and it hurt. I wasn't just grunting, I was crying out in pain. Poor Bob has gotten used to the grunts, but the cries are not so common. He's going to be so worn out with worry when I finally do go into labor that he probably won't believe me.

Not only did I grunt and cry out in pain last night, I also stole Bob's pillow from under his head. Actually that was this morning, I'm thinking around 3. I blamed Wally, but still...

Wally has apparently decided that there's not enough room on the pregnancy pillow for him and the belly, so he decided to sleep by my head last night. I didn't really appreciate it, but it did make going to the bathroom easier. When Wally's on the pillow, I have to fight him, the blankets, the pillow and the belly in my attempts to get out of bed.

At some point last night, I turned over to snuggle into Bob's back. This gave Wally his chance to snuggle into my back -- practically pushing Bob off the bed. Since this was common behavior before the pregnancy, Bob slept through it. But he didn't sleep through me yanking his pillow out from under his head.

Why would I do this? Well, I wanted to go back to my side and I decided in my half asleep daze that Wally had pushed my pillow under Bob's. So I thought I was getting my pillow back when I yanked. I realized after I woke poor Bob up that my pillow was actually already on my side and I had been sleeping on his.

Needless to say, I am apparently going nuts and I'm ready to have our baby. (And I'm sure Bob is, too.) Are you guys getting as weird or stir crazy?


Anonymous Caerynn said...

We're almost there! It does get uncomfortable, but enjoy these last few days of relative peace.

I was just complaining that I am not uncomfortable enough! This baby's hanging on until the bitter end, I am sure.

Take care, and rest well.

5:26 PM  
Blogger The Frog Princess said...

I'm at 39 weeks and one day and I'm ready to shoot myself if she doesn't make her appearance soon! Who had any idea that movement became completely impossible after 38 weeks?

6:08 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

I am beyond ready for this babe.. am going insane, I even went and did aquasize to try and get things going! I feel your pain!! (And I'm at 40 weeks, by the way!!!!!)

5:08 PM  

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