Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 47 - Family time

Fridays and Saturdays are my favorite days. I guess they've always been great days to me, but now they are even better.

Bob is off on those days and we get to have fun together as a family. I really enjoy that. I like that he's here to hear Little Elvis talk during the day. And it's fun walking with him and the baby. (It's also a whole lot easier to go to the bathroom when Bob's here!)

I'm just really thankful for both of the men in my life, and I really like spending time with both of them together.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 46 - Gassy night

I'm not sure what I ate, but poor Little Elvis had a bad night last night.

How long does it take what I eat to get into my breast milk and through to him?

I had rice Tuesday night. I am very mildly allergic to rice (it breaks out my skin and occasionally makes my stomach hurt.) I know rice is supposed to be his first solid, so I thought I'd see if he could take rice. He seemed fine Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Then I had Indian food last night. I fed him shortly after eating and about an hour after that he started crying incontrollably. My softly rubbing his belly seemed to help.

Do you think it was the rice from two nights ago or the Indian food from an hour before? As of right now, I plan to avoid both. I felt so guilty while he cried, because whichever food it was, it was my fault.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 45 - Ahh, ahhh, choo.. aw

I'm pretty sure I've written before about how cute Little Elvis' sneezes are. From day 1, he would sneeze and then say "aw" in a Donald Duck type voice.

Honestly, I didn't think his sneezes could get any cuter, but they have!

He now says a big, "Ahh.... ahh...," before he actually sneezes. And then he follows this with an "aw." This just started this week, so I'll have to work to get that on camera now.

He's already done it twice this morning, and as with just about everything he does, it is precious!

What do your little ones do that's super cute?

Day 44 - Bib issues

For some reason, I'm not a fan of bibs. Little Elvis has ones that match some of his outfits and I'll put them on him sometimes, but usually they seem like a whole lot more hassle than they're worth.

He always manages to spit up on his sleeves or below the bib. And I'm a religious burp cloth user.

I also have to keep checking the neck of his bibs, because I worry that they're too tight (even when I know they aren't.)

These seem like perfectly fine reasons not to use a bib right now, but my mom thinks that we would wash a lot less clothes if I would just use bibs.

I try to use them more, but then I run into issues. Should he have it on all the time? When should I take it off? (He will still sometimes spit up an hour or two after a feeding.)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 43 - Sleeping through the night

Last Wednesday night we had issues getting Little Elvis to sleep for more than 2 hours, but that's not been the case the past few nights!

He slept for four and a half hours on Thursday night, five hours on Friday, five and a half on Saturday night, and almost six hours last night!

We have really enjoyed this, (my breasts might disagree) but he's slept a lot today. We may end up back at four hour stretches, but that's fine with me. I'm pretty caught up on sleep at this point.

How are your babies sleeping?

Day 42 - Little Elvis' first laugh

Now it might not have been a laugh, but I was by myself when he laughed and I am convinced that's what it was.

I'm into all of those free parenting and baby magazines we're getting, and one recommended placing baby on his back and lying beside him. Well, I could do that!

While he was lying down, I leaned over and gave him an eskimo kiss (I love these, but he typically isn't too impressed.) He giggled (I swear!) as I sat back up. Worried that it might be a fluke, I did it again, and he laughed again!

After a few more I laid down beside his little mat and mimicked his facial expressions. He really, really enjoyed this! He cooed and gurgled and I hated that Bob wasn't here to hear him. We'll have to do this with Daddy and catch it in camera next time!

Day 41 - Little Elvis meets his first superhero!

Our weekly regime is starting to take shape. Bob, Little Elvis and I have hit Wal-Mart and Sam's for the past few weekends.

But... today was a little different. Spiderman was hanging out, taking pictures with bargain shoppers!

Bob held Little Elvis for our pose. He woke up, but didn't seem to be too impressed with Spidey.

I had Little Elvis dressed in an adorable, but gender neutral bear overall set. Another mom asked if he was a little girl. I said no, and she must've thought she offended me. Shesaid he was too pretty and I should make him a baby model.

Although I do think he's beautiful, she didn't need to feel guilty. He looks like a baby, and when he's dressed in red and white overalls, I'm sure it's not super obvious at this point.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Day 40 - Soothing patches

I thought the pain of breastfeeding was behind me. For the first week and a half I hurt. My breasts bled and were cracked. But then, miraculously, the pain went away. This made me think I was in the clear.

Nope. For the past three or four days I've been in pain again. I guess he's sucking harder or longer. Honestly, I don't know, but it hurts again.

I'm lucky this time though.

One of my friends, Annemarie, sent me a goody package that included some gel breast pads. I tried them last night and they truly helped! They were cool and definitely relieving.

I highly recommend them if anyone else is suffering breast pain. Got any other soothing suggestions?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 39 - Not so ready for bedtime?

Little Elvis is typically a pretty good sleeper at night. He was averaging about 3 hours between nighttime feedings, but last weekend was up to 3 1/2 to 4 hours. I was really excited about this.

Then, last night we hit a roadblock. He fell asleep during his 11 p.m. feeding and burping, so I figured it would be an easy night.

Bob put him in his co-sleeper (he always wakes up when I do it) while I brushed my teeth and after about 5 minutes Little Elvis woke up and started crying. Bob changed him and lunged with him because it had only been about 30 minutes since his last feeding.

The poor little guy kept crying and started gumming Bob's bicep, which is his typical clue that he's hungry.

So, I fed him again. Again, he fell asleep while feeding. This time I put him in the co-sleeper, and again he woke up. He wasn't crying though.

Bob and I tried shushing him and giving him a pacifier -- both of which usually calm him down -- but his big eyes were wide open.

When my parents were in town, my mom told me that I should rock him more. So I wrapped him up in a swaddler I made him and rocked him. It took about 45 minutes to get him to sleep, and I tried really hard to transition him from my arms to the co-sleeper without waking him up.

He woke up again. But our shushing and my hand on his chest helped calm him to sleep.

It was around 1 a.m. when he finally fell asleep in his co-sleeper. I figured that since it took him so long to sleep he would be worn out and sleep until at least 4. I was wrong. He woke up shortly after 3 a.m. ready to be changed, eat and stay awake.

Now I might have dreamed rocking him again, but I'm pretty sure I rocked him again around 4 a.m. for about 30 minutes after feeding him. He woke up again as I put him in the co-sleeper, but it was easier to get him to sleep this time.

He awoke again at 7 a.m. and again shortly before 10 a.m.

Since that time, I've had to wake him up for feedings. I'm thinking that his constant feeding and wakefulness last night could be one of two things -- he's going through a growth spurt or he's gassy (he pooted a whole lot last night.)

I hope he sleeps easier tonight. I was able to sleep in with him until 10 a.m., but Bob had to get up at 7 a.m. I'm so worried about his lack of sleep that I'm thinking of moving into the nursery with Little Elvis for a night just so Bob can catch up.

Any sleepytime suggestions?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 38 - Talking like it's nobody's business

Obviously Little Elvis isn't talking talking, but he is starting to make all sorts of noises. And they are all very precious.

He'll be in his bouncy chair watching us (or the wall) and jabbering away. His noises don't sound like coos to me, but they are definitely not unhappy sounds.

We've been putting him on his tummy for his "push-ups" a whole lot more, and he just goes to town talking. I think he's psyching himself up to move his head from side to side.

We put him on his tummy earlier this evening and got out the camera to catch him in action. He had recently finished feeding and ended up spitting up. He finally made a couple of noises, but wasn't in the mood. We'll have to try again later tonight.

What types of cute noises are your babies making?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogging issues

I feel like a complete idiot. For the past two weeks I've not been able to comment on other blogs and for a week I haven't even been able to comment on mine!

I broke my cache, restarted my computer, and kept retyping comments.

Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to comment again?

Day 37 - Mommy-son walk

The weather's nice again, so Little Elvis and I decided to take a walk.

No, this wasn't our first walk, but it was our first by ourselves.

It took a little coordinating on my part and Slappy almost snuck out of the house, but I got us out fairly well.

The walk was great and Little Elvis slept the whole time.

The biggest issue I faced was folding up the stroller. I couldn't do it, so I pulled it inside intact and left it by the door.

Guess I need more practice...

Day 36 - Breastfeeding in public

This actually happened on Saturday, but I had to write about the pictures.

I'm still having issues pumping. The pediatrician said this was fine and that Little Elvis and I are just really in sync with each other. That made me feel better, but it also made me realize that I needed to feed Little Elvis at the mall on Saturday.

I know I've said this before, but I am a total prude. I decided that I would feed him inside a bathroom stall. I know this isn't ideal, but it was the best idea I had.

We ended up sitting on the floor of a handicapped stall at Target. Little Elvis was just fine, but my butt hurt by the end.

One woman got onto me for not feeding him out in public, but another said she did the same thing at first.

For the second feeding, I went to Macy's hoping they might have a lounge outside the women's bathroom. They actually had a hidden changing area with seats. That was much more pleasant. Hooray for Macy's!

Where's the weirdest place you've breastfed?

Day 35 - Projectile pooping

I've been peed on several times, and was wondering if I might get pooped on. Now I know that it is possible, and incredibly messy.

I was changing Little Elvis before feeding him. He was hungry and already crying. Then he started pooting, but nothing was coming out. I felt really lucky.

Then... a stream of poo came coursing out of his little body and all over me and the floor! Luckily, I was wearing one of Bob's sweatshirts.

It was a lot of poop and pretty messy, but I couldn't help laughing.

Little Elvis wasn't finished though and ended up peeing on himself while I mopped up the poop on the changing table.

I immediately put the dirty clothes in the washer and sprayed stain stuff on the carpet. The stains came out of the clothes, but there's still evidence on the carpet. Any good poop cleaning recommendations?

Day 34 - A day full of pictures

Since it's Bob's day off and my parents are here, we decided to head to a local mall and cash in some of our picture coupons.

We started out at JC Penney with a coupon for an 8x10, 2 5x7s, and a sheet of wallets for $7.99.

Bob is a huge baseball fan, and I bought Little Elvis a cute jean baseball outfit and baseball shoes just for a time like this. And my mom found us a little baseball bat. We dolled up our little slugger and took him for his pictures.

The little man slept through them for the most part. One thing that was interesting, was the photographer had me put his pacifier in and pull it out in time for the pictures. At first I thought this was a great idea, then I realized that he looked pouty in all of his pics that she did that on.

Even though I went all out on the outfit, we ended up picking out a picture of him laying on his tummy sleeping. You can only see part of the outfit. Oh well.

Then we went to the Picture Place. Here, he was dressed in a fleece onesie, but I also asked that we try a naked pose.

Little Elvis was wide awake for these, and we ended up ordering more than the free 8x10 offered. He looked so sweet, and in one he was staring right at the camera.

I wanted the proofs, but the don't offer those. We took care of that when we got home, by attempting to take more "professional" shots.

Ant good advice for our next professional picture day? I'm thinking of getting an Easter shot made.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 33- 1 month checkup

Little Elvis is doing great!

Our grocery store weigh-in was close -- he's 10 pounds even. That's almost three pounds more than his first doctor's appointment. He's also an inch longer.

The doctor asked about his push-ups, and I had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out, she wanted to know if he could lift up his head when he's on his tummy. He's actually really good at that, so we laid him on his tummy and he went into head lifting mode pretty quickly.

She also wanted to know about cooing. I took me a second, because I consider his babbles talking. While we were talking and I was asking questions, he started talking.

He also made eye contact with her. She was very impressed with his development. We were in this proud, happy little bubble, then the nurse gave him his first shot. The poor little guy was not happy with any of us, and he let us know it.

Day 32 - Waiting to be weighed

Little Elvis has his one month doctor's appointment tomorrow, but my dad and I couldn't wait to know how much the little guy weighed.

So we packed him in his stroller and walked him to the local grocery store. We decided that we would attempt to weigh him in the vegetable scales.

This may not be the most common solution, but it struck us as a good one.

We probably looked suspicious as we tried to surreptitiously go to the produce aisle and quickly unbuckle him.

While keeping a hand on him, we put him on the scale. It registered at more than nine and a half pounds, and that was with our assistance! We'll see if were right tomorrow.

And Bob and I plan to try the scales at the post office next time.

Getting more help

My dad got into town today. He's going to stay with us until Sunday. I've known about this trip, but I found out today that my mom will be coming up on Thursday.

I'm excited to see them and for them to see Little Elvis, but I'm also glad for the help and the company. I get lonely sometimes right now and can feel overwhelmed.

As soon as my dad walked through the door, he took Little Elvis and it was nice watching them play and nap together. He even helped change a diaper.

It was a lot easier to go to the bathroom today, since I had someone I could leave the baby with. I can't wait to see my mother tomorrow.

Day 31 - Growth spurt?

Little Elvis has been eating a whole lot recently. He'll feed for more than an hour sometimes and want to be fed again an hour after his last meal.

At first I thought maybe it was my fault and that I wasn't providing him with enough, but then I read in one of our parenting books that he could be going through a growth spurt.

According to the book, I will catch up with him.

I certainly hope that's the case.

Day 30 - Little Elvis discovers his tongue

It's so fun watching Little Elvis discover new things. Today he discovered his tongue. Maybe discover isn't exactly the right word, but he sticks it out constantly.

He looks like a little frog or lizard, and, of course, it's the cutest thing. It's surprising how everything he does is precious and cute.

What do your little ones do that amazes you?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 29 - Song confusion

Poor Little Elvis. You'd think with that nickname that his parents would know the lyrics to a few lullabies.

He's going to end up thinking all songs have a humming break and the words dah dee dum in them.

I even tried "Love Me Tender," but managed to forget just about all the words.

The few songs we do know all of are patriotic. He gets a good dose of "God Bless America," "Star-Spangled Banner" and "O Canada."

I need to get us a lullaby book so we can learn all the words before he starts talking!

Anyone know the last line of "Brahm's Lullaby?"

Day 28 - One month birthday and mom doesn't feel fine

Little Elvis reached a milestone today -- he's 1 month old. We sang him the "Happy 1-month birthday" song and took him out walking in celebration.

I decided to wear him in the Snugli this time, and regretted it when we got home. Me stomach got a stitch in it and then he woke up and began kicking. his little feet hit close to my incision.

This was my third day of walking, and I felt some pain after each trek. Still, we heard that walking would help with my recovery. And it's beautiful here.

We are going walking again this evening, but will either take the stroller or let Bob carry Little Elvis in the Snugli.

Hopefully the discomfort will start to fade away soon.

Any advice?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day 27 - A bumbelievable shopping day

I'm loving Bob's weekends, especially now that it's warming up. Yesterday we were able to go to Wal-Mart to get pictures taken and today we got to go to a consignment sale and Babies R Us.

We rocked the stroller with Little Elvis yesterday, so we decided to try out his Snugli today. At first he was fussy, but he calmed down when Bob started squatting.

We got another Snugli at the sale that looks a whole lot softer. The first one looks like a backpack with all sorts of pulleys and things that can't feel good to Little Elvis. We also got him a super-cute Easter outfit, baseball outfit and a few onesies in the 3-6 month size for this summer; a musical lamb for when I get hoarse from trying to sing him to sleep (unfortunately it does not play "Love Me Tender"), some toilet locks and a bottle warmer (in the event that I can ever figure out how to pump successfully) and two nursing dresses for me.

We felt like we did a good job racking up at the sale and decided that since we were driving by Babies R Us on the way home, we'd stop by.

**Don't worry about Little Elvis going hungry. He got hungry before we got to the sale and I had to feed him in the back of the car under the cover of a blanket and our sun shades. We also parked in an isolated spot. I still felt a little on display, though.

I feel like we must have been destined to go to that Babies R Us, because they were having a big event with different drawings. We got there in time to sign up for the Bumbo drawing. I signed both of us up because we've heard great things about the Bumbo.

After buying Little Elvis his first pair of sunglasses, we hung around for the drawing... and Bob won!!! How cool is that? We definitely had a successful day.

Day 26 - Professional picture day!

OK, these weren't really that professional. But still, it was so great to get out of the house!!

Wal-Mart has a deal where you get 26 pictures (all different sizes) for $4.88. We don't have any wallets of Little Elvis, so we decided this was a great option.

Wal-Mart isn't that close to where we live, so we knew we were going to have to hurry to get in all of our shopping and the drive to and from Wal-Mart.

Why you ask? Well, I am not very good at pumping. Not very good at all. Bob read somewhere that it should take 10 minutes to pump 2 ounces of milk. Well, after 10 minutes, I had about an eighth of an ounce and breasts were burning -- the plastic suction thingy makes my skin feel like it's getting a carpet burn or something. So, I wasted some of our precious minutes attempting this futile feat and we had to rush even more.

The good news is, Little Elvis' pictures went pretty well. Although he is asleep, he still looks really cute. In fact, he slept through our whole outing at the store.

And he didn't wake up and get hungry until we were just a couple of miles from home. All in all it was a good day.

Day 25 -- Sleepy time troubles

Little Elvis did not want to sleep last night. I fed the poor little guy. We changed his diaper. We walked around with him, sang to him and said "shh" until we were blue in the face. (We read that babies like that sound, and it has calmed him before.)

I'm pretty sure his problems lied with me. I think I must have eaten something that made him gassy and his little tummy was hurting.

He cried and I cried. It was not a fun night. And I really hate that Bob had to get up early to go to work this morning after we had to stay up so late.

I had a minute amount of broccoli in a casserole. I'm wondering if that was the culprit?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 24 - Little Elvis starts singing

OK, Little Elvis isn't exactly singing, but he has started grunting, snorting, snoring, sighing and making all sorts of cute little noises.

He is most prolific when he's waking up from a good nap. He stretches his little arms out, makes funny faces and starts warming up his vocal cords.

It's not just when he's waking up though. When I'm trying to burp him during a feeding, he'll start doing a series of mini-grunts in an attempt to tell me he is not ready to be burped and would rather be eating. He'll also bob his head like a woodpecker. I find this particularly cute, but Bob cannot get the camera out while I'm breastfeeding (I'm a total prude), so I don't guess we'll ever record these noises.

When he wants attention, Little Elvis will sigh and say "ah," if we don't give him enough attention, he'll let out a couple of "wahs."

All of these sounds are great, but none compare to the truly precious little sigh he makes after a double sneeze. My mom says he sounds like Donald Duck. We really want to catch it with the camcorder, but have no idea of knowing when he will sneeze. I really hope we meet this goal, because I can't wait to share how truly cute this little sound is on the blog.

We should really just catch all the sounds and edit them together. Maybe that can be a goal for this weekend.

What types of cute noises or faces do your babies make?

Day 23 - Third time is apparently the charm

I don't learn from my mistakes. Last month Little Elvis peed on me twice at the doctor's office. I erroneously thought if he peed all over the place once, he wouldn't pee again immediately after that.

I'm not great at stemming the peepee geyser when it starts during a diaper changing, but I hadn't suffered any other double whammys -- that is until today. And he outdid himself!

He had a diaper full of just pee, so I assumed I didn't need to cover him during the changing. I was wrong.

Once I dried him, I opted not to cover him again. I mean after a diaper full of pee and one that was allowed to flow freely, he couldn't have anything left, right? Wrong again.

He let loose with another stream as soon as I went to put his new diaper on him. Again, I mopped up the mess and again I decided not to cover him. How could he have anything left?

Guess what -- he did! After the third bout with pee, I finally wised up and covered him. Although I couldn't imagine him having any pee left.

Either he was finally out of pee, or the cover up stemmed the need to pee, but he didn't pee again until the new diaper was snugly in place.

Hopefully I will learn my lesson from this experience and always cover him during a diaper change.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 22 - Breastfeeding while typing

i'm finding it difficult to put Little Elvis down. He merely has to sigh when he's in his bassinet and I'll pluck him out of it. He's just so fun to hold. I guess I'm addicted to him.

Since I can't seem to put him down, I've not been updating like I should.

So today, I decided to put him in his bassinet or bouncy chair when he was sleeping. He took to the bouncy chair well, but is now awake and hungry. We are attempting to type with one hand while feeding. He seems content.

I've also managed to walk a few feet to answer the phone while feeding. I must admit, I prefer to not be doing anything else while feeding. I'm not enough of an expert yet.

What can you guys accomplish while breastfeeding?

Day 21 - Focusing on weight

One thing I've fretted about since early in the pregnancy has been my weight. Am I gaining too much? Not enough?

Now I'm fretting about losing weight.

Overall I gained about 35 pounds during the pregnancy. At my doctor's appointment, they weighed me. I'm still 15 pounds more than I was BP (before pregnancy.) I don't think that's too bad, considering I can't really exercise and I don't want to diet while I'm breastfeeding Little Elvis.

I'm hoping that the weather will warm up and I'll be able to walk at least 3 or 4 times a week pretty soon.

I must admit, I'm tired of sweatpants. I'll be glad to at least get into my "fat" jeans soon.

Day 20 - Meeting Bob's Dad

Little Elvis got to meet his other grandfather today. Bob's dad drove down to see his grandson this morning.

We'd had an interesting morning, but we weren't in a hurry because we weren't expecting his dad until around noon or 1.

Little Elvis had peed through his diaper and outfit and onto our bedspread, blanket, sheet and my pants. So I was pantsless and trying to breastfeed when Bob's dad showed up. Not a great look for me.

I grabbed the baby and ran to the back of the house to get dressed while Bob let his dad in. It took me a while to find clothes that fit, so I worried that his dad would think I was hiding the baby from him.

Finally, we both appeared. Me in maternity pants and an old sweater and Little Elvis in his diaper.

Bob's dad was thrilled to meet him and didn't seem to mind the delay. (And I'm sure he was glad that I was fully dressed!)

You guys have any crazy accidents like that right before guests show up?

Day 19 - A walking we will go

I had my first doctor's appointment since the C-section today. Everything seems to be going well. The doctor took off the little bandages that were put on after removing my staples and gave me the go ahead to walk.

He did caution that I need to take it slow, but I have been cooped up for the past few weeks and am ready to go on a walk.

Luckily for us, the weather also cooperated. It was 63 degrees when I got home from the doctor's office!

So we bundled up Little Elvis and strolled through the neighborhood. I was convinced that the stroller pulled to the left when I was pushing it, but Bob didn't notice any pulls. I guess this means I need to get better at strolling.

I panted going up a small hill, but it felt so good to get out in the fresh air and do something active. The weather is getting cold again, so this will be our only walk for a while.

Little Elvis slept the whole way. I can't wait to get him out again. Spring needs to get here already!

Day 18 - Bath time is not fun time

Now that the umbilical cord has fallen off, we have free rein to bathe Little Elvis whenever we want.

And we are prepared. We have a baby bath tub with a built in thermometer and one of those sponge things. We also have the Johnson's Baby Wash and lots of baby washcloths and towels.

Plus, we've been wanting to give him an actual bath. The sponge baths were not easy or fun. For some reason I thought a real bath would be. Little Elvis does not agree.

He hates bath time. It could be because Bob and I have no idea what we're doing (we do have a how to card stuck to the fridge, so we try to follow it as best as possible.)

The poor little guy just cries and pees while we try to clean him as quickly as possible. I'm hoping this will get easier, or we will get better at it.

Any good bathtime suggestions?