Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 18 - Bath time is not fun time

Now that the umbilical cord has fallen off, we have free rein to bathe Little Elvis whenever we want.

And we are prepared. We have a baby bath tub with a built in thermometer and one of those sponge things. We also have the Johnson's Baby Wash and lots of baby washcloths and towels.

Plus, we've been wanting to give him an actual bath. The sponge baths were not easy or fun. For some reason I thought a real bath would be. Little Elvis does not agree.

He hates bath time. It could be because Bob and I have no idea what we're doing (we do have a how to card stuck to the fridge, so we try to follow it as best as possible.)

The poor little guy just cries and pees while we try to clean him as quickly as possible. I'm hoping this will get easier, or we will get better at it.

Any good bathtime suggestions?


Blogger Ashley said...

When your husband is home and you are all healed, try bathing with him. This is one of my favorite activities with my kids and we do it often!!

8:37 PM  
Anonymous ann said...

We're still awaiting our baby, but one thing we hear about repeatedly is the Tummy Tub. (Just type it into Google...) Tummy Tubs come from Netherlands - the theory behind them is that they imitate the womb, thus making the baby feel more secure in water. Our midwife swears by them - although - I confess - we feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of bathing our newborn in a bucket.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

Thanks for the different suggestions! I'm hoping that it will be better when it's warmer as well. It'll probably still be a while before I can take a bath with him.

10:22 PM  
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