Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 20 - Meeting Bob's Dad

Little Elvis got to meet his other grandfather today. Bob's dad drove down to see his grandson this morning.

We'd had an interesting morning, but we weren't in a hurry because we weren't expecting his dad until around noon or 1.

Little Elvis had peed through his diaper and outfit and onto our bedspread, blanket, sheet and my pants. So I was pantsless and trying to breastfeed when Bob's dad showed up. Not a great look for me.

I grabbed the baby and ran to the back of the house to get dressed while Bob let his dad in. It took me a while to find clothes that fit, so I worried that his dad would think I was hiding the baby from him.

Finally, we both appeared. Me in maternity pants and an old sweater and Little Elvis in his diaper.

Bob's dad was thrilled to meet him and didn't seem to mind the delay. (And I'm sure he was glad that I was fully dressed!)

You guys have any crazy accidents like that right before guests show up?


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