Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 23 - Third time is apparently the charm

I don't learn from my mistakes. Last month Little Elvis peed on me twice at the doctor's office. I erroneously thought if he peed all over the place once, he wouldn't pee again immediately after that.

I'm not great at stemming the peepee geyser when it starts during a diaper changing, but I hadn't suffered any other double whammys -- that is until today. And he outdid himself!

He had a diaper full of just pee, so I assumed I didn't need to cover him during the changing. I was wrong.

Once I dried him, I opted not to cover him again. I mean after a diaper full of pee and one that was allowed to flow freely, he couldn't have anything left, right? Wrong again.

He let loose with another stream as soon as I went to put his new diaper on him. Again, I mopped up the mess and again I decided not to cover him. How could he have anything left?

Guess what -- he did! After the third bout with pee, I finally wised up and covered him. Although I couldn't imagine him having any pee left.

Either he was finally out of pee, or the cover up stemmed the need to pee, but he didn't pee again until the new diaper was snugly in place.

Hopefully I will learn my lesson from this experience and always cover him during a diaper change.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's something on that is called a "peepee teepee" which is a little triangular tent to cover him with. maybe a good investment. even if you are cheap. (: save you in mop water, right??

8:36 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

I swear, I've been peed & pooped on more with this one kid than the three of them total! It must be in the water? LOL

As for peepee teepees, that's what wipes are for LOL

3:52 PM  

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