Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Day 24 - Little Elvis starts singing

OK, Little Elvis isn't exactly singing, but he has started grunting, snorting, snoring, sighing and making all sorts of cute little noises.

He is most prolific when he's waking up from a good nap. He stretches his little arms out, makes funny faces and starts warming up his vocal cords.

It's not just when he's waking up though. When I'm trying to burp him during a feeding, he'll start doing a series of mini-grunts in an attempt to tell me he is not ready to be burped and would rather be eating. He'll also bob his head like a woodpecker. I find this particularly cute, but Bob cannot get the camera out while I'm breastfeeding (I'm a total prude), so I don't guess we'll ever record these noises.

When he wants attention, Little Elvis will sigh and say "ah," if we don't give him enough attention, he'll let out a couple of "wahs."

All of these sounds are great, but none compare to the truly precious little sigh he makes after a double sneeze. My mom says he sounds like Donald Duck. We really want to catch it with the camcorder, but have no idea of knowing when he will sneeze. I really hope we meet this goal, because I can't wait to share how truly cute this little sound is on the blog.

We should really just catch all the sounds and edit them together. Maybe that can be a goal for this weekend.

What types of cute noises or faces do your babies make?


Blogger Dawn said...

these first few weeks are the greatest, at least in terms of the sounds they make. My little man sighs and smirks and smiles and grunts and makes the weirdest faces while trying to ... ya know.

It's too funny to watch LOL

3:53 PM  

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