Saturday, March 10, 2007

Day 26 - Professional picture day!

OK, these weren't really that professional. But still, it was so great to get out of the house!!

Wal-Mart has a deal where you get 26 pictures (all different sizes) for $4.88. We don't have any wallets of Little Elvis, so we decided this was a great option.

Wal-Mart isn't that close to where we live, so we knew we were going to have to hurry to get in all of our shopping and the drive to and from Wal-Mart.

Why you ask? Well, I am not very good at pumping. Not very good at all. Bob read somewhere that it should take 10 minutes to pump 2 ounces of milk. Well, after 10 minutes, I had about an eighth of an ounce and breasts were burning -- the plastic suction thingy makes my skin feel like it's getting a carpet burn or something. So, I wasted some of our precious minutes attempting this futile feat and we had to rush even more.

The good news is, Little Elvis' pictures went pretty well. Although he is asleep, he still looks really cute. In fact, he slept through our whole outing at the store.

And he didn't wake up and get hungry until we were just a couple of miles from home. All in all it was a good day.


Blogger Ashley said...

I just went for the same Wal-Mart picture deal! Sounds like you had a good day!

4:48 PM  

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