Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 34 - A day full of pictures

Since it's Bob's day off and my parents are here, we decided to head to a local mall and cash in some of our picture coupons.

We started out at JC Penney with a coupon for an 8x10, 2 5x7s, and a sheet of wallets for $7.99.

Bob is a huge baseball fan, and I bought Little Elvis a cute jean baseball outfit and baseball shoes just for a time like this. And my mom found us a little baseball bat. We dolled up our little slugger and took him for his pictures.

The little man slept through them for the most part. One thing that was interesting, was the photographer had me put his pacifier in and pull it out in time for the pictures. At first I thought this was a great idea, then I realized that he looked pouty in all of his pics that she did that on.

Even though I went all out on the outfit, we ended up picking out a picture of him laying on his tummy sleeping. You can only see part of the outfit. Oh well.

Then we went to the Picture Place. Here, he was dressed in a fleece onesie, but I also asked that we try a naked pose.

Little Elvis was wide awake for these, and we ended up ordering more than the free 8x10 offered. He looked so sweet, and in one he was staring right at the camera.

I wanted the proofs, but the don't offer those. We took care of that when we got home, by attempting to take more "professional" shots.

Ant good advice for our next professional picture day? I'm thinking of getting an Easter shot made.


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