Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 32 - Waiting to be weighed

Little Elvis has his one month doctor's appointment tomorrow, but my dad and I couldn't wait to know how much the little guy weighed.

So we packed him in his stroller and walked him to the local grocery store. We decided that we would attempt to weigh him in the vegetable scales.

This may not be the most common solution, but it struck us as a good one.

We probably looked suspicious as we tried to surreptitiously go to the produce aisle and quickly unbuckle him.

While keeping a hand on him, we put him on the scale. It registered at more than nine and a half pounds, and that was with our assistance! We'll see if were right tomorrow.

And Bob and I plan to try the scales at the post office next time.


Anonymous Barbara said...

I bet lots of people were wondering about you two in the grocery aisle. You should have taken a picture. I'm sure it would be a great laugh to see that when he is older.

6:23 AM  

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