Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 38 - Talking like it's nobody's business

Obviously Little Elvis isn't talking talking, but he is starting to make all sorts of noises. And they are all very precious.

He'll be in his bouncy chair watching us (or the wall) and jabbering away. His noises don't sound like coos to me, but they are definitely not unhappy sounds.

We've been putting him on his tummy for his "push-ups" a whole lot more, and he just goes to town talking. I think he's psyching himself up to move his head from side to side.

We put him on his tummy earlier this evening and got out the camera to catch him in action. He had recently finished feeding and ended up spitting up. He finally made a couple of noises, but wasn't in the mood. We'll have to try again later tonight.

What types of cute noises are your babies making?


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