Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 42 - Little Elvis' first laugh

Now it might not have been a laugh, but I was by myself when he laughed and I am convinced that's what it was.

I'm into all of those free parenting and baby magazines we're getting, and one recommended placing baby on his back and lying beside him. Well, I could do that!

While he was lying down, I leaned over and gave him an eskimo kiss (I love these, but he typically isn't too impressed.) He giggled (I swear!) as I sat back up. Worried that it might be a fluke, I did it again, and he laughed again!

After a few more I laid down beside his little mat and mimicked his facial expressions. He really, really enjoyed this! He cooed and gurgled and I hated that Bob wasn't here to hear him. We'll have to do this with Daddy and catch it in camera next time!


Blogger Ashley said...

That is sooooo exciting!! Nothing is better then your little one's giggles! It makes you feel like you are doing everything right!

10:43 PM  

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