Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 44 - Bib issues

For some reason, I'm not a fan of bibs. Little Elvis has ones that match some of his outfits and I'll put them on him sometimes, but usually they seem like a whole lot more hassle than they're worth.

He always manages to spit up on his sleeves or below the bib. And I'm a religious burp cloth user.

I also have to keep checking the neck of his bibs, because I worry that they're too tight (even when I know they aren't.)

These seem like perfectly fine reasons not to use a bib right now, but my mom thinks that we would wash a lot less clothes if I would just use bibs.

I try to use them more, but then I run into issues. Should he have it on all the time? When should I take it off? (He will still sometimes spit up an hour or two after a feeding.)


Blogger Ashley said...

I too hate bibs and my mom also says I need to use them more to save on the wash! LOL I put one on her the other day and she spit up between the bib and her all dribbled down her front and the bib remained clean! LOL

10:47 AM  
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